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Fans In For A Treat As You Can Now Watch ‘The Shining’ At The Hotel Where It Was Filmed

Published Tue Jul 30 2019 By Travis
Fans In For A Treat As You Can Now Watch ‘The Shining’ At The Hotel Where It Was Filmed

Ever imagined going to The Overlook Hotel? Now, you have the chance to go there and watch the movie inside the hotel.

'The Shining' is, without a doubt, one of the most terrifying movies in the history of cinema. Horror movie genre particularly holds up years past their release time, but The Shining is a movie which persisted for almost 40 years now. There is something so beautiful and terrifying about the film by Stanley Kubrick adapted from the novel by Stephen King, which makes people to keep coming back and watch The Shinning. Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of 'Jack Torrance' as he terrifies his wife and psychic son is also something which caused the enduring legacy of the movie.

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Now, horror fans will have the chance to go to the place where the movie was shot and look around the place then watch the film inside the hotel. Sound spooky and fun, and if this were a horror movie, then people making the trip will all be making a mistake (kidding).

In the movie, Jack Torrance is hired to watch over an isolated hotel for the winter, but a sinister presence makes the father mad and resorts to violence. The place which stands in for The Overlook Hotel was filmed is The National Timberline Lodge situated in Government Camp, Oregon.

The Overlook Hotel.
The National Timberline Lodge was used for The Overlook Hotel in The Shining. (Source: Reddit)

The movie was filmed in the Lodge and on December fans will be allowed to go inside the Lodge and see the room where Jack used an ax to cut through a door as he said that iconic line. The same place where his wife 'Wendy' played by Shelly Duvall and son played by Danny Lloyd was hiding as the craziness was taking over Jack. First, you get to visit those rooms and then a special screening of the movie for all the fans who make the journey to Oregon.

On Set Cinema is putting the event together in the lodge and people are welcome to join them as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the lodge and watch the movie with other fans of the Kubrick classic. Relating to the event, On Set Cinema had this to say;

The Timberline Lodge sits high on the shoulder of one of the most iconic mountain peaks in the Pacific Northwest and served as the filming location for the exterior establishing shots of the infamous Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick's cinematic adaptation of Stephen King's terrifying novel, The Shining. This is an extremely rare public screening of the movie at Timberline, and seating is limited.

Fans will have access to the hotel grounds for the day, as well as the interior of the lodge (the Cascade dining room, Ram's Head Bar & Restaurant, Wy'East Café, Y'Bar, history exhibit, gift shop, game room and more).

That sounds a lot of fun, but don’t expect Jack Torrance running after you with an ax and don’t expect to see the twins, getting two child actors to play the twins would be a fun way to spook the fans though. Most of all, don’t expect blood pouring in from the elevator.

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For $70 you can be part of the event, which is not a huge price to pay for a private screening but you do need to get to Oregon. Better grab some friends and take a winter vacation to the beautiful lodge if you want to enjoy the movie inside the place where it was filmed.

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As the organizers said, seats are limited, so you better hurry if you want to be there to be part of an event which sounds to be spooky fun.