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Who is Fivio Foreign Girlfriend in 2021? Here's the Detail

Published Wed Feb 17 2021 By Bran
Who is Fivio Foreign Girlfriend in 2021? Here's the Detail

Fivio Foreign's romantic life has been getting much attention lately for both right and wrong reasons. Know it all here. 

Fivio Foreign, aka Maxie Lee Ryles III, has been getting a strong name for himself in recent times because of his success as a rapper cum songwriter. It hasn't been long since the Brooklyn-born singer first rose to fame with his first single. 'Big Drip' was enough to build a case and expand his fan-following alongside his net worth. 

Fivio Foreign's interest in music is what gets people to like him. He specializes in Hip Hop and drill and has been working in music since 2011. While he might enjoy a resounding portfolio, his personal life has been no less of a drama. So, get together as we discuss whether Fivio Foreign is dating a woman or married to a wife right here.

Fivio Foreign is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend!

It is no fact that any woman would be lucky to have a rich and accomplished rapper like Fivio Foreign as their boyfriend. The woman he is in a romantic relationship with is the dashing Jasmine Giselle. 

Fivio Foreign in a black hoodie poses a picture.
Fivio Foreign received allegations of assaulting his girlfriend, Jasmine Giselle.
Photo Source: Pitchfork

Surprisingly, love birds prefer to keep their love life under the radar despite their fame. In fact, the couple never opened up on key details about their affair. It stays unknown when Fivio and Jasmine started dating or going out.

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Regardless of what the papers might say, Fivio Foreign is currently in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Giselle. And, considering how they have dealt with some serious stuff in the past, it wouldn't be a shock if they were going to get married in the future. However, the rapper must propose to Jasmine with a ring and get engaged for that to happen.

Fivio Foreign welcomed two kids!

Fivio Foreign might not have tied the knot with his girlfriend by now, but things are much better between the two. Cutting right to the chase, the pair recently welcomed an adorable child who happens to start a family. However, the rapper and his partner keep their kid's name away from the media.

Fivio Foreign caught on the camera.
Fivio Foreign has a child with Jasmine Giselle.
Photo Source: Pitchfork

Apart from his recent child with Jasmine, Fivio and his on-and-off girlfriend welcomed a kid once before. The talented rapper likes to keep his children away from the limelight. When Ryles may marry remains unknown, but Foreign's life is filled with joys such as parenthood and companionship.

Fivio Foreign Accused Of Assaulting Pregnant Girlfriend

2020 didn't go well for rapper Fivio Foreign since his relationship with girlfriend Jasmine Giselle Stroop was at an all-time low. You would be surprised to acknowledge how reports accused the rapper of punching his partner. If you thought that was bad, imagine Giselle being pregnant with their child at this point. 

Fivio Foreign and his girlfriend  in a video.
Fivio Foreign was rumored to be dating Sarah Snyder.
Photo Source: YouTube

According to the accusations, Fivio punched his partner, kicked her, and assaulted her with a glass bottle. That might be one side of the story which caught a lot of attention, but in the singer's defense, he never harmed or hurt his pregnant woman. 

Through a series of tweets, the rapper in his early 30s wrote how he would never hurt or harm any pregnant woman, especially not his girlfriend. To validate his claim, Foreign also said how his woman would kill him if he stooped so low.

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A year ago, Fivio Foreign did get himself on the wrong terms when he started seeing Sarah Snyder. It looked much like cheating on the rapper's part. That caused his relationship with Giselle to be on bad terms, but luckily things look resolved now.

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