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What is Fivio Foreign Net Worth in 2021? Here's the Breakdown

Published Tue Feb 16 2021 By Bran
What is Fivio Foreign Net Worth in 2021? Here's the Breakdown

Grab all the details regarding the net worth, salary, and income sources for the charming American rapper Fivio Foreign in this article.

Fivio Foreign, aka Maxie Lee Ryles III, has been getting quite prominent for the past couple of years, with his unique and brand new vibe in the Hip Hop music field. 

While people might be a fan of him as a rapper, the ambitious musician isn't limited to just that and loves songwriting and singing regular vocals at other times. 

It would be a complete injustice to omit the fact that how his single 'Big Drip' in June 2019 was the one that got his career rolling in the first place. And ever since, the 30-year-old built upon that success, and it has paid him in forms that aren't limited to just money. 

While we are talking about wealth anyway, stay right here as we bring you all the details in brief about the net worth and salary of Fivio Foreign in 2021.

Fivio Foreign's Six-Figured Net Worth Is Big Enough

Fivio Foreign in a white t-shirt poses a picture in his car.

Fivio Foreign has over 398,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.
Photo Source: Medium

It hasn't been long since Fivio Foreign rose to fame as his musical career kicked off right only in 2019. Regardless of being in the industry for a short period only, he achieved a lot of success, especially in terms of finances and wealth that keeps him going as a rapper. In fact, it is that exact detail that allows young kids who love music to pursue a career in what they love.

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Crunching right into the numbers, we tell you that rapper Fivio Foreign amasses a staggering net worth of $500,000 as of 2021. He might be thirty already, but his musical journey embarked properly from just 2019, which makes his six-figure bank balance more impressive and earned in quick succession. 

It was around that time when the singer started producing more music and even released his debut extended plays (EP), 'Pain and Love' on November 13, 2019.

A younger Fivio Foreign in a white t-shirt.

Fivio Foreign owns a massive net worth of $500,000 as of 2021.
Photo Source: Medium

According to online estimates, there are chances that Fivio Foreign amasses an average income of $90,325 per year, but that subject is obviously bound to change considering the performance and likability of his music. As a talented songwriter and singer, it is no surprise that he is on YouTube with over 398,000 subscribers. 

As per Socialblade, he earns around $280,000 at max from his content in the online platform, which is large enough to be fair.

Fivio Foreign's Income Sources And Career Endeavors

Fivio Foreign in a blue t-shirt caught on the camera.

Fivio Foreign's debut single Big Drip opened the floodgates to his glorious music career.
Photo Source: World Today Image

It is a known fact by now how Fivio Foreign owns a six-figured bank balance through his primary sources of income in music.  Ever since he released his single, and later the EPs in 2019, the artist immediately garnered enough attention to get his value high in the market. 

Consequently, that was the reason why record label firm, Columbia Records landed him for a $1 million deal alongside conjunction with fellow rapper Mase's RichFish Records. 

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Fivio Foreign continued to build a strong case for Columbia Records for the faith they showed in him as the artist released several pieces of music in the following year. Some of them were his single, '13 Going On 30', 'Bop It', and 'Trust.' 

Apart from that, he accumulated a significant amount of wealth to his account as a featured artist in songs like 'K Lo K' with Tory Lanez and 'Couped Out' with Famous Dex

Having been this successful within a year, there is no doubt that Fivio Foreign's net worth is rising and giving him the tag of a 'millionaire' very soon.

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