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Who is Barbie Castro Husband? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Published Sun Feb 14 2021 By Bran
Who is Barbie Castro Husband? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Is the dashing American actress Barbie Castro married to a husband or single? Know it here.

Being at the top of the entertainment sector is not everyone's cup of tea as we take into account the factors like competition and pressure that the profession demands. As the woman who formed the production firm 'Concord Films' producing and directing several feature films, Barbie Castro broke all the limits working as an award-winning actress as well.  Not many acknowledge it, but she is a Semi-Finalist  in the NexTV Acting & Directing Talent Search for her work in 'Conduit.'

Barbie Castro was born in Miami Beach, FL who has earned a name for herself as someone who has an eye for talent and immense expertise in the business. 

You might not realize the amazing fact that Barbie is a New York City International Film Festival, Buffalo Niagara Film Festival, and FMPTA Crystal Reel Awards. Thanks to such an amazing portfolio, people started to get interested in her personal and married life as well. Go nowhere as we bring you all of it.

Barbie Castro Is Blissfully Married To A Longtime Lover

Barbie Castro in a pink t-shirt poses for a picture.

Barbie Castro has been married to her husband Eric Castro for twenty-six years.
Photo Source: Instagram

Everyone is aware of Barbie Castro's success in the entertainment industry as an executive producer and an actress, but not many realize how the diva enjoys her personal life. The elegant businesswoman cum artist is blissfully married to a longtime spouse, Eric R. Castro

Their relationship between Barbie Castro and her spouse couldn't be more perfect considering how they are together for twenty-six years. Getting into the numbers, she tied the knot with her partner way back on October 1, 1994.

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Barbie Castro and her husband Eric R. Castro did go through some tough times to create a balance between their personal and professional life in their early years, but never did they let it become a big issue to part ways. Despite being top personalities, the love birds prefer to keep their married life under the radar. 

Barbie Castro poses a selfie with husband Eric R Castro.

Barbie Castro and Eric Castro share two adorable daughters.
Photo Source: Instagram

Barbie Castro and Eric Castro never opened up on how the two first met or how did their first date go. However, we do know the fact that the married duo shared two adorable children from their affair. In fact, she is a mother to two adorable daughters, to be precise named Rhys Castro and Taylor Castro. For the past seven years, the award-winning producer featured in five different movies with the word 'killer' in them. 

Barbie Castro's Husband Works In Corporate Sector

Barbie Castro's lovely husband, Eric R. Castro, might not follow her into the showbiz world, but that doesn't mean he is any less of a person. In fact, her husband is a co-founder of Bankers Healthcare Group, who also serves as the firm's Chief Lending Officer and Chief Operating Officer. In addition to that, he even looks after the companies' operations in Florida.

Barbie Castro poses a picture with her daughter.

Barbie Castro owns a massive property in Florida where she lives with her spouse.
Photo Source: Explore Celeb

Barbie Castro currently resides in her lavish house in Florida, alongside her husband Eric and their offsprings. She is partly-responsible for bringing a big chunk of wealth to the family account as the artist gathers a whopping net worth of $600,000 as of  February 2021

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