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Who is Spencer Dinwiddie's Girlfriend in 2021? Here is What You Need To Know!

Published Thu Feb 11 2021 By Danile
Who is Spencer Dinwiddie's Girlfriend in 2021? Here is What You Need To Know!

Spencer Dinwiddie is in a longtime relationship with a lovely lady; who is that lucky gal? Know all about it right here!

Spencer Dinwiddie has been showing his basketball skills on the court for a good number of years now. He plays for the NBA club, the Brooklyn Nets. At 27, he is at his prime and proving himself as one of his team's vital players. There is no denying the talent of the Colorado graduate, and few will bet against him. 

The point guard is living a dream-like life that many wished for, but only a few managed to achieve. Hopefully, he keeps impressing the audience with his basketball skills like he has been for many years come.

Dinwiddie's professional life has been undoubtedly great but can the same be said about his personal life? Does he see the same kind of success? Does he have someone special? Get all the questions answered in the article below!

Is Spencer Dinwiddie Dating Someone? 

Talking about any celebrities' private life has been no short of challenging. It's a good thing Spencer is not secretive about his. Right now, he is in a romantic relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Arielle Roberson. Like him, Arielle is also a basketball player who played college basketball at Colorado.

The duo's first meeting was at one of Colorado women's basketball games. At that time, both were studying in Colorado. Spencer was in his sophomore year while his beau was a freshman. 

Spencer Dinwiddie with his girlfriend Arielle Roberson

Spencer Dinwiddie has been in a live-in relationship with his longtime sweetheart Arielle Roberson.
Photo Source: Fandom

After getting to know one another well, they began dating and have been together ever since. It's been many years since they started their love journey, both still have the same amount of love and support for one another.  

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Despite their many years of romance, there has been no announcement of the marriage by them so far. It looks like the pair is not in a rush and taking their time! 

We wish the couple to remain happy in the future and hope that the news of their wedding will come soon.

Has a Child With His partner 

Although Spencer Dinwiddie has not married, he is already a father of a child. He and his lover Arielle welcomed their sonElijah Dinwiddie on April 20, 2018. 

Spencer Dinwiddie with his family

Spencer Dinwiddie with his girlfriend Arielle Roberson and their child Elijah Dinwiddie.
Photo Source: Fandom

Since becoming a dad, the NBA star has been taking his parental role seriously and takes out his busy schedule in his child's care. Like every father, he loves his son a great deal. Dinwiddie often shares pictures with his son on his social media accounts. 

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