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Flavor Flav's Colossal Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

Published Wed Apr 07 2021 By Bran
Flavor Flav's Colossal Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

Grab all the details about the net worth and bank balance of renowned rapper Flavor Flav.

William Jonathan Drayton Jr, aka Flavor Flav, is one of the most talented personas in the American musical landscape and beyond. The talented rapper cum television personality specializes in producing top songs in Hip Hop genre. The 63-year-old is also a hype man who supports other rappers from the secondary role.

Flavor Flav's introduction would be incomplete without mentioning that he happens to be the co-founder of a rated rap group titled 'Public Enemy' in 1985 alongside fellow singer Chuck D. The Roosevelt-born music sensation also featured in different VH1 shows like 'The Surreal Life,' 'Strange Love,' and 'Flavor Of Life.'

Stay right here as we bring you close to the value of Flavor Flav's net worth in this article.

Flavor Flav's Huge Net Worth Value

Flavor Flav caught on the camera.

Flavor Flav owns a net worth of $2 million in 2022,
Photo Source: KSNV

A career in the music sector, if you are good enough, is capable enough to invite global prominence and a significant amount of fortune. Having contributed to the glamour sector as a singer first and a television star later since 1985, the 63-year-old enjoys a lavish lifestyle, thanks to a huge bank balance. 

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Cutting right to the chase, we now bring you the numbers regarding Flavor Flav's wealth. The 63-year-old actually owns a whopping net worth of $2 million as of June 2022. His massive bank value is the result of the diverse professions that he has been working in throughout his more than a 30-year long career. 

Flavor Flav in a black shade.

Flavor Flav is a rapper cum television star on VH1.
Photo Source: Rolling Stone

As a renowned rapper, Flavor Flav is estimated to earn around $62,142, which happens to be the average salary of a rapper in the United States. Besides music, he also accepted an invitation to be a part of 'The Surreal Life' on VH1, which was the start of his television journey. 

Flavor Flav paid around $685,000 for a 3,708 square-foot property in Las Vegas in 2008. The house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Flavor Flav's Diverse Income Sources

Apart from music, Flavor Flav went out of his comfort zone by making a transition into television and a vital figure for VH1.  In fact, he was the leading figure on 'Flavor Of Love', a reality show central to him as he looks for love. That series even had spinoffs, namely as 'I Love New York' and 'I Love Money.'

Flavor Flav poses a picture at an event.

Flavor Flav also appeared on WWE Raw as a guest host in 2010.
Photo Source: MN2S

Flav is also a foodie who invested his colossal earnings wisely in his passion, partnering with Nick Cimino to start his own restaurant, Flav's Fried Chicken. Unfortunately, their initial projections and hopes to start a national franchise failed miserably, resulting in the cafe being shirt down within four months. 

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Flav has produced several musical masterpieces and has appeared in numerous music videos too. He even featured in Snoop Dogg's 'Bad Bitch,'

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