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Jocelyn Wildenstein Net Worth in 2021: All Details

Published Tue Apr 06 2021 By Bran
Jocelyn Wildenstein Net Worth in 2021: All Details

Grab all the exclusive details about the net worth and bank balance of Jocelyn Wildenstein in this article.

Jocelyn Perisset, more popular as Jocelyn Wildenstein, is a prominent figure who has immense contributions as an American socialite. The diva holds a strong reputation for her works in cosmetic surgery, which later resulted in her catlike appearance, which got a lot of attention.  

Jocelyn Wildenstein's income status has been talked about quite a lot in recent times. Interestingly, the socialite has been at the very top as a billionaire to the absolute bottom getting bankrupt. You would be quite surprised to know how she earned the derogatory nickname of 'Catwoman', which was the result of some drastic plastic surgery. 

Stay right here as we bring you all the details about the net worth and income details of Jocelyn Wildenstein in this article.

Jocelyn Wildenstein: A Millionaire By Net Worth

Jocelyn Wildenstein  caught on the camera with her ex-boyfriend.

Jocelyn Wildenstein  received $2.5 billion from her divorce settlement.
Photo Source: Page Six

Jocelyn Wildenstein lives a luxurious life in her mid-seventies, also complemented with a lot of spotlights. The 75-year-old actually rose into prominence as the wife of a fellow millionaire, Alec N. Wildenstein. In fact, the love birds were married for twenty-two years, from 1978 to 1999

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Getting into the specifics, Jocelyn Wildenstein amasses a whopping net worth of $10 million as of April 2021. While the number might sound huge to the socialite, it is a lot less considering her value as a billionaire in the past. Popular for her cosmetic surgeries, her ex-husband Alec owns a net worth of $10 million in 2021.

Jocelyn Wildenstein poses for a selfie.

Jocelyn Wildenstein and Alec N Wildenstein got divorced in 1999.
Photo Source: Life And Style

Besides her extravaganza life and net worth, Jocelyn Wildenstein has been a part of several huge relationships except for his marriage with Alec N. Wildenstein. She dated renowned producer Cyril Piguet during her teenage years and later was in a live-in relationship with Sergio Gobbi. Following her divorce, she started going out with Lloyd Klein in 2003, and they were together until 2016.

Jocelyn Wildenstein's Luxurious Life

As a billionaire in the past, Jocelyn Wildenstein knows to live like one by living a luxurious lifestyle who spends a lot of income on her comfort. She garnered a lot of fame when her yearly telephone bill and wine costs were calculated at around $547,000. Furthermore, she also received a whopping $2.5 billion from her divorce settlement with Alec.

Jocelyn Wildenstein and her ex-lover pose for a picture.

Jocelyn Wildenstein filed for bankruptcy in 2018.
Photo Source: The Forward

Wildenstein spent a big chunk of her wealth doing multiple plastic surgeries that completely changed her original looks and facials. The socialite even sold her old New York house to real estate developer Janna Bullock for a colossal sum of $13 million.

Earlier in 2018, Jocelyn Wildsteign declared bankruptcy.

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