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Game Of Thrones' Ser Davos Actor Liam Cunningham Reflects On The Controversial Final Season

Published Wed Aug 28 2019 By Travis
Game Of Thrones' Ser Davos Actor Liam Cunningham Reflects On The Controversial Final Season

Liam Cunningham talked about the filming of the final season of Game of Thrones and the how the series came about in the end.

It like beating an old irritating drum, talking about the finale of Game of Thrones, one of the greatest shows in television history which went from the most beloved to the most hated show in a matter of days. HBO's Game of Thrones was the biggest show on earth and on the cusp of becoming the greatest show in television history, then the final season happened, and even the staunchest supporters of the show joined in on the chorus of dissent which turned into a loud rallying cry of opposition against the show.

From the biggest series on earth to something no one, in particular, wants to talk about, it was a huge fall from grace for a show who was aiming for the throne of Breaking Bad for the greatest show on earth. The series was lamented and later ripped to shreds after the show shortened the final season to just six episodes and then made hurried and rushed decision about the characters. It was not fans were expecting when the series took over a year and a half gap to film the final season.

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The actors were also not happy about how the final season was filmed, from being kept in the dark to never even receiving paper scripts to learn their line. The series builds a reputation of giving actors fake scripts, so they will not realize which thing is real and which is fake. But not giving the actors paper scripts to work with was a new level of management from the show.

Liam Cunningham who played 'Ser Davos' for the duration of the series said, “It was paperless on the last series. We couldn’t carry iPads onset, so we had to carry our phones with us to read our lines! It used to drive Peter Dinklage mad. Because they were so small – he couldn’t see the lines on his phone.”

Ser Davos
Ser Davos played the adviser to Jon Snow during the later part of the show.

Source: The National

Liam played Ser Davos, advisor of Jon Snow, in his quest to take back his home and during the final battle against King’s Landing. He was one of the most beloved characters in the show, and it was amazing to see he lasted till the end of the series with his head still intact.

But no matter how much fun the series was to film in the first couple of seasons, the fun was seeped out during the final season when the actors were in the dark about where the series was headed. Since they were filming in an open location, it made it hard for the actor to figure out when they were supposed to go on the set to shoot their scenes. Everyone was given a fake name, and Liam said they all were getting in trouble because people kept forgetting their fake names.

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Liam said, “I’d go: Who the f*** is that? You had [to remember] the actor’s name, the character’s name and also the aliases. I was Lucan something.” The final season was not worth the wait in any sense of the time invested by all the viewers.

The series came to an abysmal and vomit worthy final episode where everything you heard till now was a lie; the stories were fake, the people and their year's old character development was a farce and the only way to finish it all was to burn it all down, what we would’ve given to see the tapes for the series burned down before it even premiered. But we digress, it was an abysmal finale, and now we all need to live with the ending of what could’ve been the most epic undertaking in television history.

Liam Cunningham family.
Liam Cunningham is currently living with his family in England an working in a new movie after his time in Game of Thrones.

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Liam Cunningham is currently working on the show 'The Hot Zone' and in the movie 'Way Down'. He is currently living in England with his wife and their three children.