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Get to Know Akiko Matsuura Ex-Girlfriend of Charlie Heaton!

Published Fri Jan 26 2024 By Marshall
Get to Know Akiko Matsuura Ex-Girlfriend of Charlie Heaton!

Akiko Matsuura is a Japanese-born, London-based drummer, vocalist, and visual artist known for her dynamic contributions to the alternative music scene. Born in Osaka, Matsuura rose to prominence as the drummer for the noise rock band Comanechi, showcasing her energetic and unconventional drumming style.

 Her fearless approach to music extends beyond the drum kit, as she also lends her distinctive vocals to various projects. Matsuura's eclectic collaborations include working with artists like The Big Pink, and Pre, and collaborating with musicians across genres. In addition to her musical endeavors, she has exhibited her visual art, reflecting a multifaceted creative expression that defines her unique artistic identity.

Akiko Matsuura Was Charlie Heaton's Girlfriend in the Past

In the early 2010s, Akiko Matsuura, an established rock artist, and Charlie Heaton, then aspiring in the music scene, crossed paths around 2012/2013. Heaton, keen on pursuing a musical career, joined Matsuura's band, Comanechi, where she held the spotlight. 

Akiko Matsuura's boyfriend
Image: Charlie Heaton with his ex-girlfriend, Akiko Matsuura. Source: Twitter

Their professional collaboration soon evolved into a deep friendship, and by 2013, they took their connection to a romantic level. The joy of their relationship expanded when Matsuura discovered she was pregnant. 

In 2014, the couple joyfully welcomed their son. However, the challenges of balancing parenthood with demanding careers and touring strained their relationship, leading to a mutual decision to part ways, navigating the complexities of co-parenting.

Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsurra Dated only For Two Years

Akiko Matsuura and Charlie Heaton's two-year relationship concluded in 2015, with the exact cause undisclosed. Speculation points to career demands and Heaton's shift from music to acting as potential factors. 

Despite the breakup, both remain private about the details, emphasizing an amicable parting. Contrary to some reports, they were never married but rather shared a committed relationship.

Both artists have moved forward independently, focusing on their respective careers and personal lives.

Akiko Matsuura is a Mother

Drummer Akiko Matsuura faced unexpected parenthood during a financial crisis, living in a shipping container turned studio. At seven months pregnant, she relocated to an emergency hostel, describing it as her life's lowest point. 

Partner Charlie Heaton's departure left her raising their son Archie as a single mom. Presently, in a better place, Matsuura, residing in London, maintains full custody of 10-year-old Archie. 

Protective of his privacy, she imparts life lessons privately but occasionally shares pictures with Charlie, indicating a harmonious co-parenting relationship. Matsuura emphasizes shielding Archie from the public eye, prioritizing his well-being.

Charlie Heaton is Fourteen Years Older Than Akiko Matsuura

With a 14-year age disparity, Charlie Heaton, born on February 6, 1994, and Akiko Matsuura, born on November 2, 1980, entered a relationship where Akiko is the elder at 43 years old in 2024. 

The substantial age gap, potentially a topic of concern during their early dating days, resurfaced as Heaton gained fame, prompting scrutiny of his past relationships. Despite the age difference, the couple navigated through any challenges, demonstrating resilience in their connection. 

The dynamic of their relationship became a notable point of interest, especially as Heaton's public profile heightened, prompting discussions about age dynamics in celebrity romances.

Who is Akiko Matsuura Currently Dating? 

Post-breakup with Charlie Heaton, Akiko Matsuura remains discreet, avoiding the spotlight and showing minimal presence on social media. Her current relationship status is undisclosed, but she seems to embrace a single life, prioritizing the upbringing of her son, Archie. 

In contrast, Charlie Heaton, now dating Stranger Things co-star Natalia Dyer, maintains a private stance on social media regarding their relationship. 

The couple, who started as friends on set, kept their romance under wraps initially but has since made public appearances together. Despite their social media presence, they prefer to keep the details of their relationship more private.

Akiko Matsuura is the Musical World

Akiko Matsuura's musical journey began in childhood, fostering a passion that led her to pursue a professional career in London. Teaming up with Simon Petrovich, she co-founded the band Comanechi, which Charlie Heaton, her future boyfriend, later joined in 2013. 

The unique band name was Akiko's creation, inspired by Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci. After releasing singles like "Death of You" and "R.O.M.P.," 

Later, she transitioned to The Big Pink as a drummer before joining her current band, Pre, where she serves as the vocalist. Matsuura's versatile musical trajectory reflects her dynamic contributions to the alternative music scene.

Akiko Matsuura Net Worth in 2024

Having established herself as a drummer and vocalist over an extended period, Akiko Matsuura's financial success remains private, with details about her earnings and net worth undisclosed.

Akiko Matsurra Kid
Image: Akiko Matsurra with her son, Archie Matsurra. Source: Facebook

While it's reasonable to assume her net worth is substantial, likely in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, her ex-partner Charlie Heaton, known for his role in Stranger Things, has achieved millionaire status. 

As of 2024, Heaton's estimated net worth is approximately $4 million, primarily attributed to his successful acting career. Matsuura's financial details, however, continue to be kept under wraps.

How Old is Akiko Matsuura Today? 

Born on November 2, 1980, in Osaka, Japan, Akiko Matsuura, now 43, hails from a family of businessmen who ran a restaurant. With an older brother, she spent her formative years in Osaka. 

Despite achieving fame through her music and relationship with Heaton, Matsuura remains elusive. In her school years, she faced bullying due to her eccentric and shy nature but persevered until completing high school. 

Following her passion for art and music, Matsuura revealed her career aspirations to her parents, who supported her studies in the United Kingdom, marking the beginning of her journey into the world of art and music.

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