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Who is Akiko Matsuura? Some Unknown Facts About Charlie Heaton's Ex-Girlfriend

Published Thu Feb 13 2020 By Christina
Who is Akiko Matsuura? Some Unknown Facts About Charlie Heaton's Ex-Girlfriend

Know who Akiko Matsuura is? Also, know about her relationship with Charlie Heaton.

Akiko Matsuura is the multitalented ex-girlfriend of "Stranger Things" star Charlie Heaton. The ex-couple met when Heaton was the drummer of a band, and Matsuura was the lead singer. 

Akiko is known to be an over-the-top musician with her flashy dance movies and unique dressing sense. She is known for being part of three known music bands like 'Comanechi,' 'The Big Pink,' and 'Pre.' 

Here are some of the unknown facts about Akiko Matsuura. 

Akiko is a Talented Musician 

Matsuura kick-started her career after getting in contact with Simon Petrovich and came up with a rock band called 'Comanechi.' Together they released the first album 'Crime of Love.' 

Akiko is a drummer and a lead vocalist

Akiko is a talented drummer as well as lead singer.

Despite their hard work, the group couldn't do any good, which was why Akiko joined another musical band 'The Big Pink' as a drummer. 

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That's not it, after being a part of two musical bands, Matsuura finally joined an English rock band named 'Pre' as a vocalist. She was able to engage fans due to her peculiar and unique dressing style, which was mostly in underwear.

Akiko's Relationship With Charlie Heaton

The couple, Akiko and Charlie, met when the Comanechi band just started to form. Heaton was the drummer of the musical band when Matsuura was the lead vocalist of the group. 

akiko and ex charlie

Akiko and Charlie met at a mutual friend's party. 
Source: Famous Fix

The pair's relationship took a flight when they met at a friend's party. They dated for years while following their career paths at their teenage. However, sadly the couple went off in different ways and broke up. Though now Charlie is dating his 'Stranger Thing' actress 'Natalia Dyer.'

Charlie and Akiko Share a Son

Together, the couple shares an adorable son named 'Archie Heaton.' The information about Heaton's son was kept under cover until he was busted in the airport due to traces of white powder like cocaine in his belongings. This was when he was traveling to the United States of America. 

Archie, son of Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura.

The son of Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura, Archie Heaton, is now almost six years old.
Source: Puzzups

The son, Archie, was brought into the world in May of 2014. After the break, the little one lives with his mum in London. However, even though daddy Heaton is busy with the work schedule, he does manage to spend quality time with the kid. 

Akiko Matsuura's Net Worth

Being a member of not one but three bands surely does bring some perks. The Japanese/ British lady actively worked as a drummer and lead vocalist over the years. 

Akiko Matsuura net worth.

A mom and a musician, Akiko aspires to write the perfect single. Akiko Matsuura holds an impressive net worth of $1 million.
Source: Just Richest

The 26-year-old working mom, Akiko Matsuura, managed to establish a networth of a whopping $1 Million through all her album releases, concerts, and performances. Besides that, Akiko is running a project named 'Sperm Javelin.'

Popular For Stage Antiques 

The artist is pretty famous for her energetic and quite wild performances on the stage, including a lot of stage dives. The stage dives don't always go as planned because there are many times that she's fallen face first in the ground. 

Akiko during her stage perfromances

The musician is now looking forward to releasing a new music album.
Source: Flickr

Akiko is mainly famous for her dressing sense. She is known to give some of the performances in just her underwear. To say the least, the musician does know how to keep the crowd on their toes. 

Despite her rather successful career, the artist remains hidden from the outer world and firmly avoids public encounters and appearance. Akiko is so secretive right now she even removed all her photos and post from her Instagram and other social media. Akiko Matsuura's Instagram account '@comanechi' doesn't have any followers, nor does her account has any photos. 

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