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Gucci Mane's Insensitive Coronavirus Tweet Invites Backlash

Published Mon Apr 13 2020 By Eden
Gucci Mane's Insensitive Coronavirus Tweet Invites Backlash

Gucci Mane faces backlash after his insensitive tweet about coronavirus.

While the entire world appears to be on lockdown due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Gucci Mane seemed to make a joke of the deadly illness taking to his Twitter on Sunday.

The rapper wrote, “I pray my haters die of coronavirus.”

As you would expect, the post immediately caused a stir on social media with over 2k comments under his tweet. It remains unclear how serious he was about what he said, but Mane’s fans were anything but pleased, which was made worse by the fact that it’s Easter Sunday.

American Mixed Martial Artist Gerald Harris responded, “Man you need some online church services and a hug. This is the worst timed tweet ever. There are people actually mourning the loss of loved ones now, due to the virus. Bad movie big homie.”

Likewise, British Entrepreneur, Nait Jones replied, “On Easter morning? this can’t be what’s on your mind Our enemies are just reflections of the parts of us we hate the most”

Fans, too, left no shortage of effort to bash the rapper.

Over 112,000 people have lost their lives globally due to coronavirus, while the number of reported cases is nearing 2 million. The United States is the most affected nation in the world, with over 21,000 deaths and almost 555,000 cases as of Sunday.

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The global pandemic is anything but a joke, so it’s understandable people wouldn’t be best pleased when some high profile celebrity makes insensitive comments while people all over the world are dying every day.

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