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Matthew McConaughey Says Staying at Home Amid Pandemic is 'Brave'

Published Sun Apr 12 2020 By Eden
Matthew McConaughey Says Staying at Home Amid Pandemic is 'Brave'

Matthew McConaughey believes self-isolation ‘isn’t a retreat’ amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ‘Interstellar’ star Matthew McConaughey is urging fans to stay at home. The 50-year-old took to Instagram to show clips of doctors and nurses working tirelessly in a bid to treat the novel coronavirus.

In the video, McConaughey says: 

We are at war with a virus, and health care troops and first responders are on the frontline fighting it every day. Let’s join the fight by staying home.

The actor worth a staggering $95 million continues, “Staying home is not a retreat. It’s the most brave and aggressive weapon we have against this enemy.”

Matthew believes when all of us stay at home, we help prevent our hospitals from getting overwhelmed. This ultimately helps the scientists buy the time they need to discover the vaccine, the only way we can beat this illness in the long run.

McConaughey, who's married to wife Camila Alves, is well-known for performing several voice portrayals for significant causes. However, this is pretty special as he wrote and created the PSA with his mate Roy Spence.

Meanwhile, citizens across the nation have been ordered to stay at home across several states, most notably California and New York; the latter serving as the epicenter of the virus, where over 8,000 people have lost their lives so far.

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As for the overall United States, it’s the most affected nation in the world with 533,378 confirmed cases so far along with 32,026 recovery and 20,601 deaths.

Driving and travel restriction are currently enforced across the nation to try to squelch the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

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Earlier, the first known case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the US on 20th January 2020 in a man who returned from Wuhan, China. Since then, it's grown exponentially, unlike anything we've seen so far.

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