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Is Heidi Montag Still Married? What is her Current Relationship Status?

Published Tue Apr 12 2022 By sujan
Is Heidi Montag Still Married? What is her Current Relationship Status?

Know who Heidi Montag is? And details regarding her married life and relationship.

Heidi Montag is an American TV star, author, fashion designer, and singer. Montag rose to fame with her role in MTV's reality show "The Hills," Montag rose to fame. She quickly became a key player on the gossip circuit in Hollywood. Heidi has always been in the middle of a lot of controversies. She enjoys both the highs and the lows of being a famous person. Many people knew about her fight with her longtime friend and co-star on "The Hills," Lauren Conrad. 

Both women gained a lot of attention because of the battle. Montag was also slammed for having ten cosmetic surgery procedures done in one day. She is also a singer. However, she hasn't been very successful in her music career, and she has even lost a lot of money in the past because of that. Another time, the media slammed her for spending a lot of money on a "failed pop music career." One who has been on Celebrity Big Brother two times, it looks like she would do anything to get attention. 

She had even filed for divorce from her husband, Pratt, to get a better job. Taking advantage of her fame as a reality TV star, she has written a book with her husband. Her next job was to start her fashion line, Heidiwood, which lasted only one year. I'm A Celebrity...' and "Famous Food" were two reality TV shows she worked on after failing in other fields. She came back to reality TV for a second time.

Is Heidi Monta Still Married? What's Her Relationship Status?

Yes, Heidi Montag is still married to her husband, Spencer Patt. They share a son, Gunner Stone, together. Heidi and Spencer recently celebrated their 13th marriage anniversary and shared it on her official Instagram account. 

Heidi Montag and Spencer Patt are still married

Image: Heidi Monta and Spencer Patt on their 13th marriage anniversary.
Source: Instagram @heidimontag

Heidi's Son, Gunner Stone, was born in 2017 and is currently five years. Despite losing enormous money, the couple happily lives together with their child.

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Heidi had filed a divorce against Spencer once, but they later renewed their vows and are not together and shares an excellent understanding between them. Many believe it was just a publicity stunt intended to get people's attention and soar the duo's fame after the end of The Hills. Later the duo admitted that the whole divorce situation was not real

What is Heidi's Current Relationship Status?

As of 2022, Heidi is a married woman and hasn't been separated from her husband yet. She also has a son with her husband, Spencer. Sorry guys, she is already taken and lives a happy life with her little family. 

Heidi Monta with her husband and kid

Image: Heidi Montag having fun with her spouse and son.
Source: Instagram @heidimontag

Heidi has been married to Spencer Patt since 2009. They have known each other before 2007. They have almost known each other for 25 years. Their 25 years of togetherness consists of both happiness and sorrows, ups and downs. But at present, they are happy and are living. They are living their life to the fullest.

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