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Here Are 5 Simplest Ways To Confess Your Feelings To Your Crush!

Published Sun Jul 28 2019 By Kenshinpark
Here Are 5 Simplest Ways To Confess Your Feelings To Your Crush!

We are here to help you, or least try, to make your secret crush a little less secret. Whatever topic we are going to cover is somewhat basic but might prove crucial if you make a right move.

But it all depends on how confident you are, how much you really want to be with that person.

If you need to boost your confidence before you say something, don't just rely on your thoughts, instead ask your friends, tell them to share a thing or two as well.

But even more importantly, be sure you are clear about your feelings, you don't want to muster up all your courage and then be confusing. 

With that said, here are the top five things you can do to confess your feeling to your crush.

5. Think about the worst-case scenario

It's always helpful to think about the worst thing that could happen because no matter what happens, your world won't end. 

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But we are not necessarily saying to overthink every detail, just think about things which are essential, and convince yourself, if, only if things go the wrong way, you are still the same person you were before confessing your love.

For instance, if your crush is someone from your friend circle or a colleague, the worst that could happen is they will say no, so what? We all have been rejected at least once in our life, and it just shows you are a human, and that's okay.

4. Try a text message

Well, for some of you, going in front of people and confess your love can be difficult. But you don't have to feel bad about it, instead, rather do it over text message, and you don't have to feel guilty about it.

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You might feel its rude to say something so personal over text but it's okay in this case, once you tell your crush, you will have a slight idea if they are interested or not. If your crush is interested, might ask you to meet you in person, so just be ready!

3. Give them space

Well, when you are confessing some about your feeling, it's always right to give that person some room and don't expect an answer right away.

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You might say something like, "I'm going to say something that may surprise you, and it's okay if you don't want to say anything. I just want to share my feelings."

Setting up the conversation like this will hint the other person you are talking about their feeling while putting them in absolutely no pressure to respond right away.

2. Give them an excuse

Craft your conversation in such a way, making sure you give them enough excuse just in case if their feelings don't match yours. Conversation like this shows your crush you are respectful of their feelings.

1. Set a Deadline

Since you know how to make the conversation, it's time to make a move and make the conversation happen. We know, it can be really tough, so you are the type of person who needs a push, go ahead and set a deadline.

We tend to make things more complicated than they already are, so don't wait too much for this. Just make the conversation and see what happens.

Don't be afraid of 'No's, and respect their answer. Of course, you are expecting a yes from your crush, but your crush may need a little time to consider how they feel. Don't talk your crush into liking you, that never works.