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His Dark Materials' Clarke Peters - What Is His Net Worth?

Published Tue Sep 17 2019 By Travis
His Dark Materials' Clarke Peters - What Is His Net Worth?

Clarke Peters is a known entity when it comes to TV shows and movies, the best way people know the man is through his appearance in The Wire. He played one of the best characters in the show, and he also appeared in some of your favorite movies and TV shows you probably do not know it though. Just to jog your memory, he also appeared in the first 'John Wick' movie, bet you can’t think where he was.

Peters is one of those actors who made his career working as a side character in many hit shows and movies which is why he’s got one of the richest filmographies in the industry. But it is also the talent of the actor where he blends in so well in a role; people don’t even realize he was there in the first place.

Clarke Peters
Clarke Peters is better known for playing the character of Lester Freamon in the hit HBO show The Wire.

Source: Boston Globe

Throughout his career, he appeared in more than eighty movies and TV shows which helped the actor amass a healthy net worth in the career. The career of an actor is short, but it was not true for Clarke who not only endured a long legacy, he also made money while working in the various projects.

What Is The Net Worth Of Clarke Peters?

Clarke Peters

Throughout his career, Clarke worked in various movies and TV shows, and he was paid a little amount for his job, which resulted in the actor collecting a healthy net worth of $1.5 million. The first real job for the actor was in the movie 'K-Pax' starring Kevin Spacey who was paid a seven-figure sum for his work in the film. The film was not really a success with box office total barely covering up the cost of the budget.

The next prominent and big role of his career came in the form of a small role of 'Harry' in the critically acclaimed movie John Wick. Though the character died with about only 2 minutes of screen time and ten lines of dialogue, he was still masterful in his delivery. John Wick made over $88 million on a $20 million budget, and the actor was paid about $10,000 for his work in the movie.

Watch: Clarke Peters played the role of Harry in the hit movie John Wick

Clarke also played the role of 'Chief Abercrombie' in the Oscar-nominated movie 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri,' where not the main role but he was one of the important supporting characters. The actor was featured relatively heavily, and he made about $60,000 for his work. Considering the movie was working with a minimal budget of $12 million, the actor was probably reimbursed in back-end profits.

Next, the actor will be involved in the much-awaited biopic of Harriet Tubman, where he is again playing a supporting role. But considering the success the movie is going to be with the hype currently surrounding the film, the man is sure to walk out with a huge cheque.

Earnings From TV

The biggest role of Clarke’s career was on the hit show The Wire where he appeared in 55 of the 60 episodes produced. The actor played the role of 'Detective Lester Freamon,' and according to the bargaining agreement for actors in TV shows, the actor was paid around $40,000 per episode. Which comes to about $2 million but the whole thing is excluding all the money an actor needs to pay to the assistant, agent and also almost half of the money is taken by Uncle Sam.

The job with The Wire is obviously the biggest payday of his career with none of his other jobs and other endeavors even coming close to the money made by the actor in the hit HBO show. He was also in another hit HBO show 'Treme' where he portrayed the character of 'Albert Lambreaux' for 35 episodes, and he was paid the similar amount of his previous show for his time in the series.

Watch: Clarke Peters in the HBO series Treme

'His Dark Materials' is another show which is going to make a huge dent in the actors’ net worth. The HBO show is obviously an expensive one with a sprawling cast, and the premium cable channel is sparing no expenses to makes sure the series doesn’t befall the similar fate of the movie counterparts in 2006.

The actor is obviously a south after person and considering he was married twice and a father of five children from three relationships, the man obviously knows how to manage his finances, and the $1.5 million net worth shows the actor is well off as retirement is about to knock on the door (the actor is 67 years old).

Clarke Peters
Clarke Peters is currently working in His Dark Materials.

Source: BBC

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