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'Hollywood's Bleeding' is Going HAM on the Billboard Hot 100 with all 17 Songs Charting

Published Tue Sep 17 2019 By Travis
'Hollywood's Bleeding' is Going HAM on the Billboard Hot 100 with all 17 Songs Charting

Post Malone debuted all of his 17 tracks inside the Billboard Hot 100 from the album Hollywood's Bleeding.

Post Malone is going crazy on the charts with the newly released album, 'Hollywood's Bleeding' debuting atop the Billboard 200 charts. The album recorded close to 500K sales with the final number standing at 489,000 which took into account all the streaming and physical sales of the album. The chart dated September 21 currently puts all the album at the number one position and Post is setting records for the year.

The man just debuted all of the songs from his album inside the Hot 100 which is an achievement in itself; then there is the fact every song is charting inside the top 60. The album was a follow up to 'Beerbongs & Bentleys' which sold a total of 461,000 in its first week and also set the record for the most songs inside the top 20 with nine out of 18 tracks appearing inside the Billboard Hot 100.

Post Malone in the video of 'Circles'
Hollywood's Bleeding is debuting on top of the Billboard Hot 200 chart supported by all 17 songs charting in Hot 100.

Source: Alternative Press

The difference between Beerbongs & Bentleys and this new album is, the former was panned by critics whereas everyone was in agreement this was way better than what he put out in 2018. There was more cohesion, and the storytelling was better in 'Hollywood’s Bleeding,' also, some critics were saying this was the best one of the bunch from the artist.

This collection of songs was also able to send nine songs inside the top 20 with our favorite track ‘Enemies’ featuring DaBaby making it to number 16 on the chart. ‘Circles’ was also another tune which was on repeat for us, and it made its way from number seven to number four in the Hot 100.

Watch: The music video for 'Circles' by Post Malone

With ‘Take What You Want’ feat: Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott, the song was able to get Ozzy his first top-10 appearance in over 30 years and three months with the long wait breaking the record of the longest wait between a top 10 hit.

The album was also special because all the 17 songs charting allowed Post to get a total of 19 charting songs for the year of 2019 which was way more than any artist this year. He defeated a healthy amount of competition with Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande coming in second and third and Drake and Billie Eilish closing out the top five.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift was the leading lady for the year with 18 charted song but Post Malone took the record.

Source: The Cheat Sheet

But the biggest achievement of them all got to be the four appearances of his songs inside the top 10 at the same time. The artist joins great names with this appearance, such as Drake, The Beatles, 50 Cent, Lil-Wayne and T-Pain*. The biggest artist of them all is obviously Drake who was able to chart seven songs inside the top 10.

By the way, the people who are probably most happy with Post debuting at number one are the fans of Taylor Swift. Swifties were trolled last week by the lead singer of Tool who used a Thanos meme to make fun of the fans of Taylor Swift when they disrespected the band after it was announced their album was going to take over the number one spot allowing Taylor’s new album to be at the top spot for only a week.

Watch: The video for Saint Tropez by Post Malone

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