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TOOL Singer Trolls Taylor Swift Using Thanos Meme

Published Wed Sep 11 2019 By Travis
TOOL Singer Trolls Taylor Swift Using Thanos Meme

Keenan is clapping back at the fans who were disrespecting the Tool name by using a Thanos meme!

Shots fired! ‘Tool’ was not going to take all the disrespect thrown their way with a smile and a thank you. Though the fans of the band are quiet (because they are older and mature) and happy with the band’s album but Taylor Swift’s fans were all disrespect when the news filtered in the band was going to beat Taylor during her second week and only allow the album to be on the top of the chart for one week.

Last week Tool released their first album in thirteen years, and the collection of the songs were flying of the shelves, and people were mad streaming the whole album when industry insiders predicted the album might just muster enough sales and stream to defeat Taylor Swift’s second week total. Twitter got mad, and the outrage generation was going crazy, a band which was last heard of during the turn of the century was going to break up their princess’s party.

Watch: The Fear Inoculum by Tool

Taylor’s fans were organizing and asking people to keep streaming (cheap ba**erds, just buy the album two-three times if you want to defeat the band so bad) and not allow the band to overtake their precious Taylor Swift. Well, boohoo, Tool is number one and all the people who were asking who the band was, egg on your face.

Tool singer also got in on the fun after their album sold 270,000 equivalent copies whereas after the listening party and all Taylor could manage only to get the second place with 248,000 copies. Keenan, the singer from the band, was more than happy to troll the kids back who were not putting enough respect on their name.

The singer shared a photo of the Mad Titan Thanos with his face on the body of the Avengers Infinity War and Endgame villain. Thanos is sporting all the infinity stones and at the bottom of the photo was the “dusting” of Taylor Swift. It is a used to ad nauseam meme, but this time the burn was there, and the meme landed perfectly because the cry baby fans were back trying to tell Keenan next will Post Malone will be number one. Check out some of the funniest reaction from fans and detractors of the band;

Well, one thing Taylor Swift’s fans, then the parity will be restored, Lover will be number one for a week, and 'Fear Inoculum' will also be number one for a week. The fans of twitter were then trying to tell Keenan, Taylor sold more records in the first week than Tool did. It is not about the number of records sold; it was the level of disrespect shown to a band whose staying power is beyond epic. Formed in 1990 and still, after almost 30 years, the band was able to debut an album atop the Billboard list. Come talk to us when Taylor is in the industry for 30 years, and she debuts at the top of the chart.