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Earth is fine, the decisions made by the heroes fractured the relationships between our favorite characters but still, after a long time, the earth is doing okay. But it all turns out to be the calm before the storm, the promise we got at the end of the first Avengers movie was finally coming due. After the end credit scene of Thor: Ragnarok where we see the Thanos main ship catching up with the Asgardian ship and Infinity War continues from there. Thanos, we realize is everything the movies set him up to be, a menacing villain with altruistic goals and he is the best kind of villain, someone who thinks he is the good guy of the story. Infinity War is the bill which came due, and this movie paid the bill in full, no questions asked and no qualms made. With over $2 billion at the box office, we can say people liked it, our advice, just ready yourself because this is going to an emotional rollercoaster.