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The Russo Brother Explain Those Emotional Final Moments In Avengers: Endgame

Published Fri May 10 2019 By Chester
The Russo Brother Explain Those Emotional Final Moments In Avengers: Endgame

Russo Brothers explain emotional final moments in Avengers: Endgame.

“We think that characters are most compelling when they travel the greatest distance,” said Joe Russo, one half of the directing duo behind Marvel’s box office record-shattering blockbuster “Avengers: Endgame.”

However, the most touching part was the emotional journeys and connections the characters have undergone over the course of 22 films in the journey of 11 years: Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) evolved from a self-serving billionaire playboy to a loyal lover and a father who sacrificed himself for the sake of Universe.

Russo brothers explanation on Avengers: End Game
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Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the Prince of Asgard, the god of thunder and son of Odin regarded as the most powerful Viking god faces loss and failure.

Subsequently, Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), a Russian spy sacrificed her life for the greater good.

In a recent interview by Los Angeles Times the iconic movie directors Russo brothers talked about the ending of the chapter of phase 3 and theories related to time travel.

"How does it feel now that this chapter of Marvel's history is over"?

Filming Robert Downey Jr.'s final scenes as Iron Man was "amazing and very emotional" said director Joe Russo. "He puts an enormous amount of his psychic energy into his performance," added Anthony Russo.

Ironman technically the first Avenger sequel by Marvel back in Iron Man 2008
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Anthony Russo shared 'It’s a really complicated mix of emotions for us'. He adds that it was among their favorite works they've ever done as a filmmaker and thus felt immense sadness when it was all over.

The 49-years-old director adds, " But at the same time, we really firmly believe that all good stories have to have stakes and endings. So for us to have the opportunity to tell the final chapter in that 22-movie-long story was an amazing opportunity and a privilege."

Anthony adds that it was a tough story to articulate, "This is the moment where we've lost control of the movie and we've turned it over to audiences, there's a sense of relief in that for sure."

What was it like shooting Robert Downey Jr.’s last scenes as Iron Man?

'21 Bridges' director expresses, "Joe and I always say Robert is the hardest-working actor we've ever encountered."

Director Russo brothers found the end plot "amazing and very emotional"
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Russo shares that Downey is a very dedicated actor who always had enormous psychic energy into his performance.

"'I am Iron Man' and snaps his fingers was the very last shot of the entire movie. We shot that back in January during the final reshoots and we all walked away from the movie after he performed that moment."

They initially started the most anticipated MCU movie yet 12 years earlier where Robert did a screen test for "Iron Man" in Raleigh Studios, L.A. which now when the Russo brothers see as the completion of the full circle.

It was widely reported that Downey and Chris Evans would be leaving the franchise after “Endgame,” but how long in advance had the endings for Captain America and Iron Man been planned?

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Joe Russo then cites backs their script plans regarding the plot, climax and precisely the ending plot of the Avengers. Joe adds, "We had to know where “Endgame” was going in order to tell the best story possible. It’s how you maximize the drama and character architecture."

Why was it important to have a grown-up Harley Keener, the kid from “Iron Man 3,” at Tony's funeral?

Russo shares that they were initially thinking about the important roles anyone plays in the movie, the nearest and dearest souls to Mr. Stark. 

We were thinking about who was important in Tony’s life and they felt Keener as the major subject for the role. "It felt organic for him to be there", Russo shares.

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What about the tragic funeral scene - all guest in the same place for the scene?

JR: "They were all actually there and that was perhaps the most [difficult] shot in all four movies that we've done for Marvel. We spent the entire day before we got them all out there with doubles executing that shot".

Russo Brother's reaction to the record-breaking box office over this past week?

The climax along with visualization is as worthy as it gets in the box office with a record surpassing $2.38 billion in just 11 days surpassing the previous record of Avatar whose total box office gross collection is $2.776 billion.

Avengers set the box record of the Highest opening weekend gross yet.
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The reporter from the Los Angeles Times asks their excitement for the highest grossing and record-breaking box office movie of the year. Anthony shares,

"For us, the box office is really just reflective of the audience’s appreciation. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves because we love these characters and these stories. We grew up on mythology, collecting comic books. And these were the movies that we wanted to see, and now we’ve gotten to make them."

Joe shares the experience they were able to share is due to the several inspirational movies crediting “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” or “Indiana Jones” having had really profound spectacle, pop culture, cinematic experiences.

"We really wanted and were committed to giving that experience to audiences around the world with this movie", Russo shared.

The "Never Ever Shown" Depth TIME TRAVEL theories

"This is a world in which alternate timelines exist," said Anthony Russo of the time travel theory explored in the film. "We spoke with a few physicists and ... we chose the multiverse theory." Russo shares with L.A.T interviewer.

Wanna go back?
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OK, be honest: Do you guys understand everything about how time travel works as explained in the movie or are there still loopholes even for you?

AR: In the movie, the Hulk is very explicit about what our rules are, which is you cannot change the present by altering the past.

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"All you can do by going to the past — and for a character like Captain America, living in the past — is create an alternate future. So this is a world in which alternate timelines exist", brothers shares about the keen and high possibility timeline theory.

Was it difficult presenting a theory of time travel that hadn’t previously been explored onscreen?

AR shares about the research and plot they have been for 'real-life-possible' time theory, 

“Back to the Future” is one of our favorite films, and the rules of that movie are omnipresent; they have informed pop culture for 40 years. And we wanted to do something different.

Implementing and screening a different Time Travel theory with audiences was definately a tough work! The movie definately has percieved the whole movie scenario in rare way that we can experience just few.

Well, it definately is one of those movies which are going to be gossiped if different cinetomatography occasions.

We didn't realize how complicated it would be to create new rules and have people go with us, but we learned very early on in the test screenings that people are really committed to those “Back to the Future” rules."

We learned very early on in the test screenings that people are really committed to those ‘Back to the Future’ rules — if you shoot yourself, you should die.

Russo states, 'If you shoot yourself, you should die'. As they spoke with few physicists, which resulted in a lot of theories relating to time travel could work. We chose the multiverse theory." Brothers added.

What were the filmmaking challenges in revisiting previous MCU films and timelines?

JR: "Probably just re-creating the sequences in a way that was accurate. Pratt dancing on Vormir, that’s some footage from seven years ago in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and some footage from him now and we had to intercut it."

Russo adds, "People change, their looks change, so we really had to recreate everyone’s look. Russo shares about recreating the plot, When Downey is watching the Avengers in that final moment with Loki where he says,

"'I’ll have that drink now,' that’s all of our current actors being made up to look like they did in the first “Avengers,” emphasizing that it was a fun and challenging moment to create a different perspective for the audience.

Spider-Man's classmates were all dusted in “Infinity War,” which is why they haven't aged?

AR: We don’t want to ruin anything from “Far From Home,” but certainly Ned was dusted. And whichever characters haven’t aged were also dusted. But I think you’ll discover that there are characters that are now in college.

Since Loki vanishes with the Tesseract, could he still be alive in the new timeline? 

Check out a short video related to Time Theory so you can get ahead in the article with some interesting concepts to witness the story yourself.

AR: Loki could absolutely still be alive in an alternate timeline.


Since Black Widow died for when she traded her soul for the soul stone saving his dear buddy Hawkeye, there were audiences who backlashed the plot as they felt it very emotional and inconvenient, esp Scarlett fans, you know.

"She’s put in a life-or-death situation, it’s Black Widow versus Hawkeye. One of them has to die for the soul stone. And even though he's feeling bad about what he’s become since his family was dusted"

Jr adds that "he still has the hope in his heart somewhere that he can see them again. And I think that complicates his motivation in that conflict, and she ends up prevailing — she wins. So even though she dies, there’s a nobility and a victory in her death, and we think there’s a hopefulness in that as well." 

Why was it important for the women of the MCU to have a special moment during the final battle? 

AR: Looking back on the entire road that the MCU has traveled, it just struck us how many amazing female characters have entered the [landscape]. I think it was really, for us, a moment of celebration and acknowledgment of the intensity and empowerment in that.

What made them Chubby Thor's looks?

They were also questions related to the son of Odin, Thor's fat and lazy appearance.

Anthony, "Again, everything we do is grounded in story and character. If you look at the journey that Thor’s had, he’s had perhaps the most tragic arc of any of the Avengers. It’s truly Shakespearean: His mother died, his father died, his whole planet was destroyed at the end of “Ragnarok.” “Infinity War” opens with Thanos killing his brother and Heimdall and half of his existing people. He goes on a quest to avenge them and kill Thanos and he fails.

 Well, guys how do you find the statement by the Russo brothers, well it definitely has cleared our minds on some of the conspiracies, backlashes and fan theories.

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Well, we wonder why not bring Iron Man, Tony back from the inevitable Thanos snap which can be turned back?