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How Did Bayern Munich Star Manuel Neuer Meet His Wife Nina Weiss? Learn The Intriguing Details Of Their Love Story!

Published Sun May 26 2019 By Kensinpark
How Did Bayern Munich Star Manuel Neuer Meet His Wife Nina Weiss? Learn The Intriguing Details Of Their Love Story!

Nina Weiss, wife of Bayern Munich Star Manuel Neuer is a fine artist and teacher in Chicago-area. She taught at the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago and Columbia College for 18 years.

The soccer star and Nina met in a very unusual place, where finding love was not even imaginable for others but for this lovebirds, it was the most place ever.

"32 Years German Footballer Manuel Neuer Married to Wife Nina Weiss".

SOURCE: Wattpad

Let's dive into their exciting love story and find out how they met each other.

How did Manuel Neuer meet his wife Nina Weiss?

When Manuel Neuer was looking at his waxwork at a Madame Tussauds in Berlin, he met a young girl who was working with the museum at the time.

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Apparently, that young girl who was Nina and just when she was picking what eyes should be used for the waxwork, her eyes locked at real Manuel's eyes.

But strangely enough, she was completely out of clue whose waxwork was it and who Manuel was at that time.

"The wax-work figure mimics Neuer's distribution from a throw at last summer's World Cup".
SOURCE: Daily Mail

However, when they first locked their eyes, it was enough to ignite the spark of love between the two.

After that, they started meeting secretly, allowing themselves plenty of time to know each other.

Nearly after a year, the couple decided they were the right fit for each other and made their relationship official in 2015.

The couple was so much in love that they rushed thing and decided to get married right after a year of announcing their relationship.

Neuer waited for the perfect time to propose Nina, he proposed her on the Christmas of 2016 to which Nina said yes.

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After the proposal, the couple had a very lavish wedding which was divided into two parts.

The first part was, documents signing which they did in Tannheim, Austria and after the signing, they spent the time at Hotel Jungbrunn.

The second part was the wedding party, they moved to beautiful Monopoli in Italy.

Sadly, Manuel was still on crutches during the wedding party because of the metatarsal fracture but that did not stop him from marrying his love of a lifetime.

"Manuel Neuer had to use crutches during his wedding".


Neuer rather enjoyed the company of wife, holding his hand to the aisle. They seemed like they were made for each other in heaven like literally.

It was such a soothing site for all observer to see the couple walk on the aisle and take their wedding vows. 

The couple went to the Maldives for their honeymoon and life after is nothing but beautiful for these two lovebirds.

We often see Nina come to her husband's match and support him, she is the perfect wife one could ever ask for.

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The couple now lives in a small town - Tegernsee, a lake an hour south of Munich where Manuel built a house from scratch.

Know more about Nina Weiss

Nina also follows her passion and is a professional dressage rider and has two horses she rides for the competitions. 

"Nina rides one of her stallions, Don Darius".

SOURCE: Euro Dressage

Nina Weiss, 24, recently competed under 25 German Grand Prix where she came in at the seventh place.

Has Manuel Neuer dated anyone before Nina Weiss?

Before Nina Weiss, 2014 world cup winner Manuel Neuer was in a relationship with Kathrin Glich.
SOURCE: Twitter

Before meeting Nina Weiss, Manuel Neuer was dating Kathrin Glich.

Reportedly, Manuel met Nina at the time when he was with Kathrin and it is believed Weiss was the cause for the split.