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How Much is Celebrity Partner Arielle Roberson's Net Worth? Here's The Complete Details On It!

Published Sun Feb 14 2021 By Danile
How Much is Celebrity Partner Arielle Roberson's Net Worth? Here's The Complete Details On It!

How much is celebrity partner Arielle Roberson's net worth in 2021?

Arielle Roberson is the girlfriend of Brooklyn Nets shooting guard Spencer Dinwiddie. The pair have been lovers for many years now and live a happy life together in Brooklyn. Furthermore, from their relationship, they share a son. 

As a former basketball player herself, she played college basketball for Colorado Buffaloes and West Virginia Mountaineers women's team during her time studying there. Although she could not make it professional, she still loves basketball and often plays it. Because she is a mother now, she remains occupied in taking care of her child these days.

The lady has a fantastic bond with her celebrity boyfriend without any controversies in their love life till now. But as a partner of a renowned athlete, one of the most asked questions about her other than her private life is how much wealth does she possess? Is she involved in any profession? If so, how much is her salary? Let's look into those aspects in this article!

Arielle Roberson Net Worth in 2021

Before speaking about Arielle Roberson's net worth, we need to clarify that she is not engaged in any profession in her life. It is true that she played college basketball for Colorado and West Virginia, but college basketball players do not get any salary for playing. As mentioned above, she is a mother now, and her time goes by taking care of her son at home.

However, the 28-year-old's boyfriend is a professional basketball player and plays in the best basketball league in the world, i.e., NBA. From his career so far as a basketball player, he has a net worth of $10 million.

Arielle Roberson and her lover Spencer Dinwiddie

Arielle Roberson and Spencer Dinwiddie have been lovers since 2013. 
Photo Source: Fandom

The shooting guard earns a salary in millions of dollars a season. At present, he is on a three-year contract with the Nets, which he signed in December 2018, which lasts till 2021-22 season. Throughout the deal, he will make over $34 million. As per the agreement, he earned $10.6 million in the 2019-20 season, $11.4 million in the current season, while he will make $12.3 million in the 2021-22 season. 

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Dinwiddle also makes a considerable sum from endorsement deals with various companies. From those deals alone, he makes millions of buck.

Arielle Roberson And Spencer Dinwiddie Assets

Aside from having millions of dollars, Arielle Roberson and Spencer Dinwiddie also have assets such as houses and cars. At present, they are living at their luxurious 1,455 sq. feet residence on the highest penthouse in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn point. According to reports, they purchased the place for $3 million in September 2019. The expensive penthouse has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. 

Arielle Roberson and Spencer Dinwiddie's home

Arielle Roberson and Spencer Dinwiddie own a $3 million penthouse in the Brooklyn Point.
Photo Source: Business Insider

In June 2020, the pair bought a home in San Antonio, where Arielle grew up with her siblings. Although the price of the house was not revealed, it should be no less than a million-dollar.  

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As you can see, along with her companion Arielle is incredibly rich. As an owner of such a colossal fortune, there is clearly no need for her to work for others ever in her life.   

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