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What is K-Pop Star Kim Yugyeom's Net Worth in 2021? Here's the Complet Breakdown

Published Wed Feb 10 2021 By Danile
What is K-Pop Star Kim Yugyeom's Net Worth in 2021? Here's the Complet Breakdown

Is Korean singer Kim Yugueom rich? Learn all about his net worth related stuff right here!

Korean music has become so popular in the music world that every one in three people listen to it. From Asia to America to Europe, South America, and Africa, it has touched all the continents of the globe. Likewise, K-pop, which stands for Korean Pop, has witnessed a tremendous increase of fans worldwide. 

As such, one of the K-pop singers making a name among the audience is Kim Yugyeom. He is a member of South Korea's popular boy band GOT7 which consists of seven members. Alongside BTS and EXO, GOT7 is one of the popular groups not only in Korea but also in many countries around the world. Even those who do not follow K-pop know who GOT7 are.

Kim is acknowledged for his singing and dancing skills and his good looks. Once you see what he can do, you cannot help but be bewitched by him. It's not surprising fans get crazy about him! As a member of GOT7, the 23-year-old is always in the limelight. Many desire to know more about Yugyeom, and we can see why. One of the most asked questions about celebrities like Kim is his net worth and how much salary he makes from his profession? Let's get to it in detail!

What is Kim Yugyeom's Net Worth?  

Kim Yugyeom has a net worth of somewhere between $1million to $2 million. Most of Kim's earning is from his album sales, concerts, and tours. 

On average, a South Korean singer earns a salary of around $30,000 (₩32,701,986) in a year, which is well below the average annual wage in South Korea of $42,285

It is certainly not enough to fulfill a person's necessities, let alone own assets like a house and cars. However, for someone who is a member of one of K-pop's prominent bands, Yugyeom earns a much higher payroll. 

Kim Yungyeom has net worth of more than a million

Kim Yungyeom has a net worth of around $2 million earned mainly from his singing career. 
Photo Source: Pinterest

GOT7 has a combined net worth of $12 million. Jackon Wang is the wealthiest member of the group, with a net worth of $8 million

Earnings From Endorsement and Social Media 

As one of the sought after celebrities, Kim Yungyeom's income is not limited to singing only. He also makes a considerable sum of money from endorsement deals. 

GOT7 members have a partnership with world-renowned brands like Adidas Originals, Yamaha, Pepsi, and many others.   

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The charming singer is also big on social media, especially on Instagram. He boasts an incredible 9.2 million followers on the popular photo and video sharing platform. As someone so huge on Instagram, he is commercially attractive to companies. He promotes products of various companies and, in return, receives hefty cash from them. Considering his popularity, he earns hundreds and thousands, if not millions. 

Kim Yungyeom to Sign a Net Contract

Kim Yungyeom is set to sign a new contract in early 2021, but it is not with JYP Entertainment, the founder of GOT7. With his contract ending, there were speculations that he will extend his contract with the Korean record label giants; instead, he opted not to do it. 

Kim Yungyeom will not extend his contract with JYP

Kim Yungyeom is set to sign a contract with AOMG.
Photo Source: Kim Yungyeom's Instagram (@yu_gyeom) 

Reports suggest that Yugyeom will sign an exclusive contract with the hip-hop label AOMG. If he signs with AOMG, he might earn more than what he is making during his time at JYP. 

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