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How Much Is Marianne Williamson's Net Worth? Get To Know More About Her Income Sources, Books, and Assets

Published Wed Jul 03 2019 By Chester
How Much Is Marianne Williamson's Net Worth? Get To Know More About Her Income Sources, Books, and Assets

Learn the details behind the staggering net-worth of 2020 Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson.

Well, many of you might be unfamiliar who Marianne Williamson is! Well, she is an American best-selling author, social activist and spiritual leader who has delivered some of the record-setting books as well as helped millions with her charity works.

Besides, she is also the presidential hopeful candidate among the top applicants in the field for the 2020 election. 

Social Activist Marianne Williamson (Source: Now This News)

So being such an influential and leading mogul of the society, let's find out how much wealth Marianne holds.

So what is Marianne Williamson Net Worth? 

Marianne Williamson's public financial disclosure reports from January said her assets include income from her business, speaking fees, and many of the same stocks from her previous reports. 

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The 66-years-old activist holds a hefty fortune of between US$ 3.28 and US$ 4.48 million. The sources behind all the stash of greens is her shares on various leading trademarks such as Google, Apple and Whole Foods. 

Marianne stocks stats and change. (SOURCE: Fox Business)

Career and Income as Author

Besides, the author also made a fine amount of fortune around $1 million from her total of 13 books which include four New York Times number one bestseller within the "Advice", How-To and Miscellaneous category.

SOURCE: GoodReads

Williamson's first book, A Return to Love (1992) was one of the New York Times bestsellers for 39 weeks. And out of her rest 12 publications, seven has been on the New York best sellers list and four of them to the number #1 list.

Marianne has sold over 3 millions copies of her book. Some of her bestselling books include Healing the Soul of America.

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Some of the prominence writings of Williamson includes, A Return to Love (1992), Imagine What America Could Be in the 21st Century, Emma & Mommy Talk to God, A Woman's Worth ,Enchanted Love, Illuminata, The Gift of Change, A Course in Weight Loss, The Law of Divine Compensation, Tears to Triumph, Everyday Grace, A Politics of Love.

Contributions as Social Activism 

The STD and other communicable activist own couple of social motive organizations. Some of the prominent organization includes,

'Centers for living', Williamson founded the social organization back in the 1980's to support the people with HIV/AID.

Besides, she is also the founder of 'Project Angel Food', a charity-social foundation to support people from AIDS and life threatening illness.

Furthermore, she is also the co-founder of the 'Peace Alliance', a nonprofit organization aimed for grassroots education and advocacy organization.

Well, we did't count her charity organization as her assets or in her source of income but it is also regarded as one the assets of Marianne Williamson which has helped millions of people.

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