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How To Properly Measure Your Bra Size

Published Wed Aug 21 2019 By Chester
How To Properly Measure Your Bra Size

Are you tired of finding the perfect fitting bra? We know how it feels when inner garments don't quiet rock you with your mood.

Some come with the size issue, and some have fitness problem. An unfit bra can even lead to severe issues such as breast pain and backaches, especially people with large breast, it's not a thing to joke about.

Wearing a fit shape bra not only gives you those comfy looks but make you confident on your dress-up and flexibility. So in today's article, we have come up with the ways to find your perfect fit brassiere. 

Check Out: How To Measure Your Bra Size

So what did you guys obtain from the video? Seeing the video, you must have analyzed that there are a few things you need to consider to give yourself a cozy look.

Step 1: Determining your band size

Measure your band size with an inch tape.

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You can use a measuring tape to measure it around your bust. Place the tape on level and snug, and round it to the nearest whole number. If the result comes in 'even number,' then add 'four inches' and if odd, then 'five inches.' 

So for example, if your size is measured 30 inches, then adding four inches makes it 34 inches, and if was odds then would have been 35. 

Step 2: Take Your Bust Measurement

Measure your bust.

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Wrap the measuring tape around the whole portion of your chest (at nipple point) somewhat loosely round the closest whole number. So if you are shying away from flaunting off your beautiful curves in the breezy summer for your facial complexity, then we got a solution to that too with body-positive activist Charlie Howard's natural skincare.

Step 3: Calculate Your Cup Size

Analyze your measurement with cup chart.

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So follow the above steps and keep in mind about the difference between even and odd numbers. So, if your cup size is 32 then adding 'four' for the even number makes it 36 and the differences is 36 inches (bust) - 32 inch (band)=4 inches, which makes your size 32 'D.' 

So how to make sure for the correct Bra size measurement?

1. Lean forward at the waist, hold the bra, and ensure your breasts correctly fit in the cup.

2. Adjust the bra; the back of the bra should be level with the front.

3. Make sure your bra is not too loose.

4. Fix falling straps, tight the band and shorten the strap.

That's it, you are done. Once you go through the process and apply some math in it, trust us your wearing experience will get changed as you will find it a lot of coziness.

If you are having problems regarding your breast size, don't worry we got your back with these fantastic push-up bras and try these clay masks to remove any scars that are limiting you showing off your beautiful skins.