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How to Stock-Up Properly During Coronavirus Lockdown and Continue a Healthy Diet

Published Thu Mar 19 2020 By Christina
How to Stock-Up Properly During Coronavirus Lockdown and Continue a Healthy Diet

The coronavirus pretty much shook the world out of its normality. Besides maintaining hygiene, make sure you buckle up on keeping up healthy diet a priority as well. 

Coronavirus was first discovered, late December in one of the states of China called Wuhan. It is a new virus that causes a disease called COVID-19 which usually spreads through direct contact with an infected person. 

Some of the most common symptoms of this disease are runny nose, cough, body ache, shortness of breath, sore throat, and fever. However, it can also cause vomiting and diarrhea in some cases. Only in severe cases do they lead to pneumonia, kidney failure, and finally, death. 

Stay protected even while shopping

Take measures even while grocery shopping.
Photo Source: Business Insider

In the midst of this recent outbreak, we can also see grocery shops being flooded by people for basic necessities. Our advice is to try avoid these situations as much as possible. The situation is quite harrowing and is on the borderline of being inhuman. 

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We suggest to keep calm for the next few months and stock your cupboards with tinned products, go-to meals, frozen packs. You can try rice, as there are all kinds of it in the market. It'll get your tummy full and right on the healthy marker. 

As for the health necessities, grab some items like ginger, lemon, honey, turmeric powder, etc. for homemade treatments. These stuff work like magic on the common cold, throat ache, and acts as a pain reliever.  

Healthy diet for fighting coronavirus

Fight coronavirus with healthy lifestyle and diet.
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Besides that, noodles, pasta, flour should also be stacked. Not to forget basic essentials like powdered milk, sugar, salt, tea, coffee, butter, cheese, and everything that makes you go by the day. (And again Note: Don't get more supplies than you need. Other humans need to survive too.)

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Moving on, the best tip is for when getting bored at home, you can always get that apron ready and follow those YouTube recipes that you ever wanted to try. Bakes and Cakes never go wrong. After all, there's no rush right. 

Also, don't forget to ration the food stock. Trust us, you don't want to be gorging on those snacks just yet. 

Avoid foods that come off with a expiry date like yogurt, packet milk, bread, soft cheese, meaty products, etc. you get the gist.

With all these, your good to go. Take care of your health load up on Vitamin C, and if you want more of these information, be sure to find us on Glamour Fame