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Is Dess Dior Dating Anyone? Find Out Dess's Net Worth, Boyfriend and Many More

Published Fri Jun 23 2023 By Bsgurung
Is Dess Dior Dating Anyone? Find Out Dess's Net Worth, Boyfriend and Many More

Dess Dior is a prominent social media influencer and rapper based in the United States. Known for her captivating presence and musical talent, she has gained a significant following on various social media platforms. 

Dess operates her own YouTube channel, where she shares her music with her audience. With a considerable fan base across different social media platforms, she has successfully carved out a space for herself in the online world. 

Dess Dior and Future Dating Life

Dess Dior and her ex-boyfriend Future began dating in 2020, following Future's previous relationship with model Lori Harvey. Their relationship was made official in November 2020. After publicly acknowledging their relationship, Dior received a grand surprise in the form of a diamond ring from Future on Valentine's Day in 2021. 

Dess Dior is dating new boyfriend
Image: Dess Dior with her ex-boyfriend. Source: Instagram

Additionally, Dior expressed her affection by sending a heartfelt portrait to Future's mother on her birthday. The couple openly showcased their love for each other on their respective social media platforms. However, there is no further information available about the current status of their relationship.

Ending Relationship With Future

Dess Dior herself confirmed that she and Future are no longer dating and are instead good friends. During the BET Hip-Hop Awards in 2022, Dior mentioned being single and emphasized their strong friendship. 

In a recent interview with Angela Yee, Dior clarified that there is no bad blood between them and expressed mutual support. She stated that their relationship did not have to end on a negative note and that they have gracefully moved on.  Currently, Dior is open to a new relationship and mentioned her openness to finding the right person.

Dess Dior Relationship History? Is Dess Dating Anyone?

Before her relationship with Future, there were rumors suggesting that Dess Dior was dating American professional boxer, Gervonta Davis. In July 2020, a Twitter user shared a tweet mentioning their alleged relationship, referring to Dess Dior as Jayda Cheaves' best friend. 

Dess Dior and Future broke up?
Image: Dess Dior and Future together enjoying date night. Source: Daily Mail

The rumor gained some traction, and an online news website called "It's Onsite" also reported on the speculation, stating that it appeared Dess Dior was dating Gervonta Davis. However, it is important to note that neither Dess nor Gervonta has addressed or confirmed these dating rumors. Therefore, the status of their relationship remains unverified as of today.

Successful Female Rapper

Dess Dior has successfully developed herself as a rapper. From a very young age, she is part of the music industry. Following her departure from the group, Dess Dior relocated to Atlanta, GA, to pursue her career as a solo artist. In 2018, she launched her self-titled YouTube channel, which quickly started gaining traction and attracting a growing audience.

In June 2020, Dess released her first expanded playlist titled "Definition of Dess." The EP received an overwhelmingly positive response, with listeners and critics praising her talent and unique style. The project showcased her skills as an artist and further solidified her presence in the music industry. 

In that same month, Dess Dior released one of her well-known singles, "Talk To Me," on her YouTube channel. The song has garnered thousands of likes and views and is well-appreciated by the fans.

How Rich is Dess Dior? Find Out Dess's Net Worth

According to multiple media reports, Dess Dior's estimated net worth is $5 million as of 2023. This substantial fortune is primarily attributed to her successful career in entertainment. As a rapper and hip-hop recording artist, Dess Dior has made significant strides in the industry, gaining recognition and success with her music. 

Dess Dior new Song
Image: Rapper, Dess Dior's new look. Source: YouTube

Additionally, her strong presence on social media, particularly on Instagram with 1.8 million followers, has further contributed to her financial success. With such a large following, Dess Dior has the opportunity to earn an average of $15,356 per month, bolstering her overall net worth.

Furthermore, Dior has expanded her business ventures by establishing her own entertainment company called Show LUV Entertainment LLC. This venture provides her with additional streams of income, further contributing to her wealth and financial stability.

Family and Education

Dess Dior, born on November 2, 1998, hails from St. Louis, Missouri, and was raised in Savannah, Georgia, in the United States. She proudly holds American nationality and is of African-American descent. 

Her birth name is Destiny Bailey, but she is widely known by her stage name, Dess Dior. While the specific information about her family, including her father, mother, and siblings, remains undisclosed. Dess has occasionally mentioned her mother on her social media platforms, indicating the significance of her relationship with her.

As for her academic background, no details are currently available regarding Dess Dior's educational history. Her focus and achievements have primarily revolved around her career as a rapper and entertainer.

Social Media Presence

Dess Dior is a prominent presence on various social media platforms, showcasing her talent and engaging with her fans. Her Instagram account, @1dessdior, is verified and boasts a substantial following of over 1.2 million followers.

Dess Dior is an American female Rapper
Image: Rapper, Dess Dior performing live during the music festival. Source: Instagram

She also maintains a YouTube channel, which has garnered more than 71.2k subscribers. On her channel, Dess shares official music videos, audio releases, vlogs, and other captivating content. Additionally, Dess is an active participant on TikTok, where she has accumulated a following of more than 108.6k users who enjoy her creative content. 

On Twitter, she is followed by 351.4k fans who eagerly keep up with her updates and musings. Dess Dior also maintains a presence on Facebook, where she has gathered over 7k followers and received more than 6k likes on her page.

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