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Is Heather Austrie Married? Read About Austrie's Husband

Published Thu Mar 30 2023 By Bsgurung
Is Heather Austrie Married? Read About Austrie's Husband

Heather Austrie is a popular name in the world of the internet. She is an Instagram star who posts modeling content mainly about hairstyles. FrInom 2015, she joined the Insta world and is gaining a massive crowd collection. Before all of her deeds, she won the Division 2 Nationals Champion basketball in New York. 

Austrie serves as CEO of Heather Austrie Management LLC and has worked with several companies around the United States. Now, let's dive into the world of Heather and find out more about her. Here is everything you need to know about the famous social media star. 

Is Heather Austrie Married?

Yes, Heather Austrie, the social media influencer, is a happily married woman who focuses on her relationship to the fullest. Heather exchanged her wedding vows with her high school sweetheart, Craig Austrie, an American basketball player. The duo shares a great connection in their married life and remain supportive of one another's deeds. 

Heather Austrie is happily married to Craig Austries
Image: Heather Austrie with her basketball player husband, Craig Austrie. Source: Facebook

They often upload funny content in their joint TikTok accounts. Looking back to their romantic journey, Craig and Heather developed a sweet love journey while attending high school. At Trinity Catholic, they found each other and fell in love. However, their closeness grew during the first year in college, and for the first date, Heather and her husband played a 1-on-1 basketball in Teaneck, N.J. 

Having similar fields of interest, they soon enhance their romance and their relationship a step ahead. In 2009, Craig proposed to his lover, and they finally got engaged. The news was announced through their respective social media accounts. In 2012, the basketball duo accepted one another as lifelong partners. Well, everything from the event was kept private due to their nature. 

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Social Media Star Heather Austrie Is a Mother of Two Kids

Heather Austrie and her husband are now bounded in nuptial vows for over a decade. Their romance is seen all over social media, and many call Heather and her spouse a couple's goal. With so much love, the pair are now parents of two kids. Both of the children are daughters and very cute like their mother. 

Heather Austrie and Craig Austrie are parents of two kids
Image: Social Media Manager Heather Austrie shares two kids with her husband, Craig Austrie. Source: Facebook

On 18th February 2014, the pair welcomed their first child, Payton Austrie, into the family. Later, the duo became parents of their second child, Kalie Rae, on December 6, 2015. Like every parent, Mr. and Mrs. Austrie take good care of their children. 

The duo's daughters frequently feature in their parent's social media accounts. Well, the family of four is now living a great life together. They often travel to various places during weekends and spend quality time together. 

Read About Heather Austrie's Husband, Craig Austrie

Like Heather, her spouse, Craig Austrie, is also affiliated with the basketball world. Although he didn't make it to the NBA draft, his career is mesmerizing. For four years, Austrie played for Trinity Catholic and settled with three league titles, two state runner-ups,s and two state titles. 

During Craig's high school career, he even secured Gatorade's basketball player of the year award. With UConn, Austrie had a great time developing his skills and graduated in 2009. Springfield Armor picked Craig in the 2009 NBDL, and he played almost one season for the club. 

However, Craig was later replaced by Chris Lowe and finished his basketball career. Today, he has started his firm under the name Craig Austrie B-Ball IQ, which helps young kids to practice basketball. 

Net Worth of Former Basketball Player Heather Austrie 

The social media star Heather Austrie is one of the successful internet sensations. Being a cool mom to a basketball player, she has developed herself as one of the best content creators. From Heather's great deeds, the former basketball player has collected a massive amount of fortune. 

Heather Austrie is an American social media manager
Image: Heather Ausrie is a social media star and a hair designer. Source: Facebook

As of 2023, Austrie is enjoying a net worth of $700,000, which she secured through her incredible career. Starting in 2016, she became the CEO of the leather Austrie Management LLC and has worked with several companies to grow globally. 

As estimated, she is making over $100,000 from her overall involvement. Currently, Heather is enjoying a quality lifestyle with her family. The Austrie family owns a beautiful home in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Heather Austrie Has Over 1 Million Followers on TikTok

Social media has taken the world! And millions post something on their respective accounts. Like, Heather Austrie is highly active in the internet world! After all, she is a social media manager for several companies.

Heather Austrie has two sisters who are very close to her
Image: Heather Austrie with her triplets sisters ready for the party. Source: Facebook

Austrie's second Instagram account has over 2.5K followers with 23 posts. Moreover, her main account had over 340K followers, which is no longer available. Austrie is also an active Facebook user with over 1.4K followers. 

Austrie mainly uses a TikTok under the name heatherandcraig. That particular TikTok has over 1.2 Million followers and more than 26.5 Million likes. 

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