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Is it Bad to Wear Bra While Sleeping? How a Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

Published Mon Sep 27 2021 By Tashipalmo
Is it Bad to Wear Bra While Sleeping? How a Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

Is Sleeping In Bra Bad For Your Health: Know The Myths and Facts!  

Bras have now become fashion clothing, a requisite item designed to give support and coverage to breasts. With gazillion types of bras to choose from, it has come to take a more critical role in women's closets. But let's face it, no woman likes to keep the bra on when they retire for the night or go about their day in their room.

Several old stories like sleeping in bras stunt the breast's growth; it can cause breast sagging and even intrude on the natural blood circulation, we've heard it all and more, and you'd be lying if you say you didn't believe them at one point. But how can an item of essential clothing be harmful, and what impacts do wearing bras at all times have. Separate the facts and myths.  

Is It Okay to Sleep In Bra?    

You are probably made to believe that sleeping with your bra off is mandatory but let us assure you that keeping them on while sleeping is no problem at all. There is medical evidence that cites bras as harmful during sleep. Sleeping with your bra is recommended for women with larger busts. Dr. Regina Hampton says women with large and lumpy breasts should wear a soft bra to bed to alleviate pain.     

Is wearing bra to sleep bad for your health?

 How does sleeping in a bra affect your health? 
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According to experts, sleeping in a bra is totally up to an individual. If you're comfortable wearing them to sleep, but if it is causing any discomfort, you should refrain from wearing them in bed so that it doesn't affect your sleep cycle. Busting every common myth about wearing a bra in bed, Dr. Lucky Sekhon assures there aren't any significant side effects.   

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"Contrary to the common rumors, sleeping in a bra does not impair blood circulation, cause breast cancer, stunt breast growth, etc." Says Sekhon. Now that you've heard it from the expert, there are little things that you should keep in mind while keeping your bra on in bed.   

 Wearing a bra to bed may cause skin irritation. 
Source: Breast Cancer Answers

Wearing your regular day bra may cause excessive oil, bacteria accumulation, and hence skin irritation. In case you aren't aware, some bras are specifically designed for sleep. If you enjoy wearing them to sleep, then Soma Enbliss Bralette, Harper Wilde The Bliss might be the way to go.  

Can Wearing Bra Cause Breast Cancer?   

Several reports have linked bras, specifically underwired bras, to breast cancer. Some books have even cited wearing bras increases the risk of breast cancer, reasoning it causes improper circulation in the lymphatic system. The rumor's origin is a 1995 book called Dressed to Kill, which stated women who wear underwire bras are at risk of breast cancer than those who don't wear them. 

How can wearing bra cause breast cancer.

 No scientific evidence supports the bra causing cancer theory. 
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But recent studies have found that a bra, no matter what type or long-worn is in any way associated with breast cancer. Researchers concluded that previous studies didn't consider other factors like a woman's age, illness in her ancestry, and obesity.   

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