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Is MurderCrumpet a Boy or Girl? Here's What You Should Know

Published Mon Jan 25 2021 By Bran
Is MurderCrumpet a Boy or Girl? Here's What You Should Know

Grab all the details about the hidden gender and other details about streamer MurderCrumpet.

The world of Twitch has recently welcomed a new star in a roleplayer called MurderCrumpet. Well, the lowkey personality might have thousands of fan-following in his profile on the online streaming platform. Despite soaring popularity across the internet community, he prefers to live his life in solitude without sharing many details about his personal life. 

MurderCrumpet is a renowned roleplayer across the internet community, whose words during the gaming terms are quite famous and used by his fans as well. Some of the phrases the streamer used that helped him rise to further prominence are 'Ohh-kay,' 'QUACK,' and 'uuuuuUUUUU.; The gender orientation of the talented gamer is still not known to many, just like his personal life, so stay right here as we bring you all the life details about him.

MurderCrumpet Is A Male By Gender

A wallpaper of MurderCrumpet's character.

MurderCrumpet is a Twitch and a YouTube streamer.
Photo Source: Twitter

It might be no surprise that MurderCrumpet has thousands of fan-following, but he never preferred to open up about his personal life details to his fan-following. Since many don't know about the gender orientation of MurderCrumpet, we bring you the precise fact that the Twitch star is a married man. As per his Twitch bio, the artist labels himself as a 'good little gay secretary.' He further wrote how he is cool and fat at the same time with a confident personality. 

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MurderCrumpet is quite active on his Twitter handle as well, where he writes a humorous biography labeled how he loves sugar, and it was a problem. His sexual orientation might be a mystery, but his feminine tweets and messages do indicate that he might be gay. The animated display picture of the VR specialist is a female character. 

The animated character of streamer Murder Crumpet.

Murder Crumpet has over 32,000 subscribers on his Twitch.
Photo Source: Twitter

There is no doubt that MurderCrumpet is a celebrity by now with his contributions as a streamer in the virtual reality video game. However, it is no surprise that the gamer's fan-following would rise further if he decided to do a face reveal in the days to come. Not a single fan of his know who he is apart from his personality on the steams and social media handle. Only time will tell if he ever decides to open up regarding his personal life.

MurderCrumpet's Six-Figured Net Worth 

It isn't necessary to reveal one's name or personal life to be rich as long as one pulls immense hard work. MurderCrumpet proved it all the way possible as the mystery persona owns a whopping net worth of $500,000. His massive bank balance results from his work in roleplaying in the online virtual reality game VR Chat. Over the years, he rose to prominence for roleplaying as a crash test dummy robot. 

The character of Murder Crumpet.

Murder Crumpet roleplay in VRChat and streams it on his Twitch.
Photo Source: Twitter

You would be surprised to know that MurderCrumpet is close friends with the Gator RP Group. His presence on Twitch and YouTube is equally promising, with around 88.2k and 16.8k subscribers, respectively. There is no doubt that the numbers are bound to grow in the days to come. Since there is no clue about his personal life, no one really knows if the gamer is single, dating, or married.

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