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Is Paula Badosa Single or Married? Know About Paula's Boyfriend

Published Sat Nov 18 2023 By Bsgurung
Is Paula Badosa Single or Married? Know About Paula's Boyfriend

Paula Badosa is a Spanish professional tennis player, born on November 15, 1997, in New York, USA. Known for her powerful baseline game and versatility on various court surfaces, Badosa made significant strides in the tennis world. She turned professional in 2015 and gradually climbed the rankings, achieving a career-high singles ranking in the WTA of World No. 7 in 2021.

Badosa gained widespread recognition for her breakthrough performance at the 2021 French Open, reaching the semifinals. Her tenacious style and commitment to the sport have marked her as a rising star, captivating fans with her dynamic play and promising future in professional tennis.

Is Paula Badosa Married? 

As of 2023, Paula Badosa remains unmarried, as her primary focus is on her tennis career. Having recently entered the top 10 female tennis players globally, Badosa is determined to sustain her position on this prestigious list. 

Paula Bados boyfriend Stefanos Tsitsipas
Image: Paula Badosa with her new boyfriend, Stefanos Tsitsipas together. Source: People

At 26 years old, she has directed much of her attention and energy towards her game, leading her to defer any decisions regarding marriage. 

Her dedication to maintaining her standing in the tennis world has taken precedence, and, for now, romantic commitments take a backseat to her professional aspirations.

Paula Badosa is Now Dating Tennis Player, Stefanos Tsitsipas

Paula Badosa is now involved in a romantic relationship. She is dating her boyfriend, Stefanos Tsitsipas who is a Greek Professional tennis player. 

In the past, he was world no 3 according to the Association of Tennis Professionals. The two have been dating since May 2023 and have a great connection. 

Get to Know Her Boyfriend, Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas, born on August 12, 1998, in Athens, Greece, is a highly accomplished professional tennis player. Known for his dynamic playing style, Tsitsipas made waves in the tennis world with his breakthrough performances. 

He achieved a career-high singles ranking of World No. 3 in 2021, showcasing his remarkable skills on the court. Tsitsipas gained widespread recognition for reaching the finals of the 2019 ATP Finals and the 2021 French Open. 

Previously Dated Juan Betancourt

Even though Paula Badosa hasn't tied the knot, she's happily involved in a relationship with her boyfriend, Juan Betancourt, since 2021. 

Paula Badosa and Juan Betancourt
Image: Juan Betancourt with his ex-girlfriend, Paula Badosa together. Source: People

If you take a peek at their social media accounts, it's clear that the couple is enjoying wonderful moments together. 

While there's no official engagement announcement yet, fans might have something exciting to look forward to in the future. But the pair later broke up in March 2023 without a trace. 

Juan Betancourt is an Actor and Model

Born in 1990 in Havana, Cuba, Juan Betancourt is not just Paula Badosa's boyfriend but a notable figure in the modeling and acting realms. Collaborating with renowned brands like Giorgio Armani and Jean Paul Gaultier, he has left his mark in the fashion industry.

His portfolio extends to prestigious publications such as Vanity Fair, GQ, and Vogue Spain. Beyond modeling, Betancourt shares a close friendship with iconic designer Tom Ford, resulting in numerous joint projects. 

His foray into acting includes appearances on TV programs like Masterchef Celebrity and the Spanish game show El Desafio. Moreover, he was featured in the Netflix film "The Law Of Thermodynamics" (2018).

Paula Badosa's Net Worth in 2023

Paula Badosa boasts an estimated net worth exceeding $6 million, reflecting her promising tennis career. Despite being in the early stages of her professional journey, she has already earned $626,470 in the year 2023. 

Notably, tennis players generate income based on their tournament performance, with winnings varying according to the round reached. Badosa's earnings trajectory showcases her financial ascent. In her debut year of 2015, she secured $66,113 from WTA games, followed by $42,879 the next year. 

Subsequent years saw steady progress, with earnings of $35,189 and $64,583 in 2017 and 2018, respectively. The breakthrough came in 2019, as Badosa amassed $257,299, with the previous season yielding $318,782. Cumulatively, her career earnings from tennis stand at $1,496,037.

His Endorsement Deals

Paula Badosa has secured major endorsement deals, positioning herself as a notable figure in the world of sports marketing. Notably, she is currently endorsed by Nike, representing the brand in clothing, shoes, and apparel. Prior to this collaboration, Badosa had an endorsement deal with Adidas.

Paula Badosa tennis
Image: Pauala Badosa during her tennis player. Source: Tennis Player

In the realm of tennis equipment, Badosa is proudly associated with Wilson, endorsing their racquets, particularly using the Wilson Blade 98 model. Beyond her influence in the sporting arena, Badosa has expanded her brand ambassadorship to the corporate realm. She serves as a brand ambassador for Iberdrola, a prominent Spanish power company.

Paula Badosa's Early Years

Born in Manhattan, New York, to Spanish parents Mireia Gibert BarĂ³ and Josep Badosa Codolar, Paula Badosa hails from a fashion-oriented family. Moving to Barcelona at seven, she began her tennis journey at Club Tennis d'Aro and later relocated to Valencia at 14 to further her tennis career. 

Fluent in Spanish, Catalan, English, and a bit of French, she has a special affinity for the US Open. Inspired by Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova, and Simona Halep, Badosa initially aspired to be a model like her parents but later pursued tennis. Despite success, she faced personal challenges, grappling with depression and anxiety.

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