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Is Rhea Ripley Dating A Boyfriend? Her Personal Life Here

Published Tue Apr 06 2021 By Tashipalmo
Is Rhea Ripley Dating A Boyfriend? Her Personal Life Here

Is Rhea Ripley Dating Anyone Or Not? Get Exclusive Details On The Australian Wrestler's Personal Life Here! 

Rhea Ripley, the Australian-born professional wrestler, experienced a swift rise in the last few years. Her career's biggest breakthrough arrived recently, too, when she stood against another big name in world wrestling entertainment (WWE), Charlotte Flair, for NXT women's championship. 

Born Demi Rose Bennett on October 11, 1996, in Adelaide, Australia, only 24 years old wrestler is already a big name in WWE. 

The first-ever female Australian champion in WWE history, Rhea, is the only person to have won NXT UK women's champion and former NXT women's champion. 

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 The young wrestler is currently signed to WWE, where she fights under the RAW brand. Rhea has had a spectacular journey from being a little dreamy girl from Australia to becoming the hottest name in the wrestling realm. Keep reading to discover more about the 23 years old. 

Who Is Rhea Ripley Dating In 2021? 

Rhea, widely known for her blunt and grungy look and persona, is clapped and criticized by many. The wrestler,however, isn't one to heed people's words. 

Rhea in the ring

 Rhea Ripley is an Australian WWE wrestler, who made her remarkable debut at aged 17.
Photo Source: Sports Wiki

After much speculation about her possible relationship with a fellow wrestler two years back, Rhea herself came forward and confirmed her romance with Demetri, known by his ring name Action Jackson.  

The couple, since going official about their relationship in 2019, has been sailing smoothly still as they have given us enough PDAs recently to assume so. Ripley last year had an intense Twitter battle with her haters. 

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She gave a snippet of everyday cyberbullying she suffers because of her unconventional profession. The wrestler shared a picture of people bullying her for being muscular and looking manly. Her beau Demetri was quick to defend Ripley immediately on the social platform. 

Rhea and her boyfriend

 Rhea Ripley went public about her relationship with fellow wrestler Demetri in 2019.
 Photo Source: Reddit

The duo pulled another headliner when Rhea went candid about her boyfriend, who isn't a popular name yet. Media and Rhea's fans thought that she could do much better than Demetri, who is no one in WWE currently.  

The wrestler responded to it by saying Although he is indeed a rookie compared to herself, she however admires how he takes pride in himself and doesn't want his acclaimed girlfriend to pull any helping strings for him.  

Rhea's dating history prior to Demetri is pretty much non-existing, so it seems it is the first significant relationship of the WWE star. 

Becoming Rhea Ripley From Rose Bennet 

Rhea told in an interview that she grew up watching MITZ, who became an inspiration for little Bennet. She began her intense workout very young and hence is also trained in swimming, karate, rugby, and soccer.  

Rhea posing sexy

Rhea Ripley had her biggest match with Charlotte Flair in 2020.
Photo Source: Pinterest

She made her debut in 2017, the Mae Young Classic, under the ring name Rhea Ripley, where she defeated Miranda Salinas. The same year Rhea won NXT's women's championship.  

In 2019, Ripley openly started a feud with the best Shayna Baszler, which established her a name. Rhea may have lost to Charlotte in the 2020 championship, but the fight was remarkable, and it was what made Ripley an aspiring and feisty name in WWE. 

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