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Jada Pinkett Smith Admits Being Hooked To Pornography!

Published Wed May 22 2019 By Chester
Jada Pinkett Smith Admits Being Hooked To Pornography!

Jaden Pinkett Smith opens up about an unhealthy addiction to watching porn. 

Recently on Tuesday episode of facebook 'Red Table Talk', Jaden Pinkett Smith shares about her unhealthy relationship with porn before she met Will Smith.

Jaden, 47, initially brings the 'adult content topic' with her daughter Willow Smith, 18, and mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones, when they were grooming up for their reality, show 'Red Table Talk'.

Celebrity Jada Pinkett Smith liked porn... a lot
SOURCE: Ai Bawba

Ms. Smith talked about her previous porn addiction sharing,

"If I was still in my porn game, I would be able to show you some good porn cause back in my days I had some porn addiction. But I didn't have any relation when I had a porn addiction."

The 'Girls Trip' star shares, she had an unhealthy porn addiction at one point of her life when she was suffering from emotional emptiness and lust for love.

However, the actress unveils that the addiction got away soon after she met her star husband Will Smith.

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Soon as the clip dropped in social media, it was all over the internet and various news media popped the question about her porn addiction.

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Jada narrates its negative sides saying that it gives you 'false expectation as far as sexual interaction'.

She says it's such a problem today which is affecting a lot of relationships today and unfortunately a lot of our children are growing up on it and their perception of what sex is and what intimacy is 'wrapped.'

Well, the mother of two Pinkett is unquestionably right as she has already passed her teenager's life a long time ago. Smith main motive is definitely applicable to today's generation of teens.

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Jada's principal motive was to understand the difference between love and lust which many teenagers don't understand. So guys what are your opinion towards it?