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Who is Janet Rome? Detail About Jim Rome's wife

Published Tue Jan 11 2022 By kalpana
Who is Janet Rome? Detail About Jim Rome's wife

After hard work or having been born into a well-known family, some people gained worldwide popularity. Also, some became famous after the name of their partners, and Janet Rome is one of them who came into the limelight after tying the knot with a famous person.

Janet Rome is well-known as the wife of Jim Rome (full name is James Phillip Rome), a sports radio host from the United States. CBS Sports Radio broadcasts his talk show, The Jim Rome Show. Rome broadcasts The Jim Rome Show on the radio, which he hosts from a studio outside Los Angeles, California. He also runs his own stable, Jungle Racing.

Janet Rome Married Life With Jim Rome

Janet Rome, 61, and Jim Rome, 57, have been happily married for two decades. The power couple met at the radio station XTRA where they used to work together. As time passed, they fell for each other and started their romantic connection. The duo, however, had not shared when they started their love relationship. 

Janet Rome Lives a Healthy Married Life With Her Husband.
Janet Rome is With Her Husband, Jim Rome.

Janet and Jim married in the gaze of their family, friends, and close relatives. Eventually, they decided to commit their relationship forever as husband and wife on July 19, 1997. But the wedding venue is not known. 

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Since then, they have been living happily without any rumors or conflict. Furthermore, they have set the standard for a power couple. Likewise, the couple is frequently spotted together on red carpets and at significant events.

Talking about her social media, the celebrity's wife prefers to keep her personal life from the public eye. Hence, she remains inactive on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Jim also does not have an account on social platforms except for Facebook.

Janet Rome is a Mother Of Two Kids

Yes, you read it correctly. Like Rukiya Bernard, Janet Rome is a mother of two children. The pair became parents of their son, Jake Rome, whose date of birth is out of reach of the media. Some sources claimed that Jake is still busy with his study.

Janet Rome is a Proud Mother of Two Kids.
Photo: Janet Rome is With Her Husband And Their Two Sons.
Source: America's Best Racing

Similarly, Janet gave birth to Logan Rome, whose date of birth is also under wraps. From some sources, we know that he is a high school student. Moreover, he also occasionally appears in the media. Currently, the whole family resides in Irvine, California.

Janet Rome's Career

Janet Rome is an American businesswoman who has been involved in many ventures. Besides this, she is also the company's co-owner, Jungle Racing. Mizdirection, Gypsy Robin, and Shared Belief, the world's top racehorse at one point, have all been brought and raised by the partnership.

Janet Rome Is an American Businessman And Co-Owner of Jungle Racing.

Due to her parents and brothers, the mother of two sons became involved in Thoroughbred racing. In one interview, Janet said,

"Growing up in Long Beach, Calif., about once a year my parents would take my brothers and me to Los Alamitos and Santa Anita Park." "I remember how exciting it was to watch the horses run past. I didn't really understand Thoroughbred racing until I was in the radio broadcasting business in San Diego. I would go with friends from the Noble Broadcast Group to Del Mar a few times during the season and we would have such memorable times."

The celebrity wife's past profession is not learned. She is currently focused on managing Jungle Racing.

Brief Bio on Janet Rome!

Janet Rome was born Janet Hagman on 1959 May 30, in Long Beach, California. Her father, Lynn Hagman (who died in November 2017), was a carpenter who worked in the U.S. Army as an infantry officer during World War II and the Korean War. In contrast, her mother, Betty Hagman, is a housewife. 

Hagman wasn't the only child in the family. As a military brat, she has two brothers, Craig Hagman and Jeffrey Hagman. Despite gaining fame from her marriage, Janet keeps living a low-key life. Similarly to her, her maternal family likes to lead a life out of the spotlight.

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