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Who is Jason Alexander Wife? Here's What You Should Know

Published Tue Feb 09 2021 By Bran
Who is Jason Alexander Wife? Here's What You Should Know

Grab all the details you need to know about the married life of the Seinfeld actor, Jason Alexander, with his wife.

Jay Scott Greenspan, aka Jason Alexander, is always around the news when it comes to the time of the Superbowl period, courtesy of some of his iconic commercial advertisements. Recently, he made his return to everyone's television this football season as he featured in the brand new ad for Tide. 

The fans were left nostalgic, following that since they remembered how Jason contributed to so much of their memories from his time at the super hit sitcom 'Seinfeld.'

Jason Alexander's last appearance in Seinfeld came more than twenty years ago, but the legacy it left of the audience is so big enough that people still remember him through that. 

Apart from that, the four-time Golden Globe Award winner also earned numerous Hollywood credits, including movies like 'Duckman,' 'Dream On' and 'Pretty Woman.' Kudos to such an attractive portfolio; people started posing great interest in his personal life as well. Thus, that is the reason why we bring you some exciting details about his romantic affairs with his wife.

Jason Alexander' Married To Wife For Over Three Decades

Jason Alexander poses for a picture with his wife.

Jason Alexander and his wife Daena E. Title got married way back in 1982.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Not many actors in the showbiz industry manage to keep a perfect balance between their professional and personal life, which is why most celebrity relationships and marriages end up in a divorce. However, the case wasn't going to be the same for television host cum actor Jason Alexander who has been blissfully married to a woman named Daena E. Title for thirty-nine years in 2021

Getting such a remarkable milestone isn't for everyone, and that does reflect how fortunate the 'Duston Checks In' artist is to have the support of such a loving wife.

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Jason Alexander might prefer to keep intimate details of his relationship a secret, but the level of fame he had made it impossible. 

Getting into their love history, the love birds exchanged their holy vows way back on May 31, 1982. Compared to right now, the Seinfeld star wasn't that famous back then, which might be the reason why their wedding wasn't talked about much back then. 

Jason Alexander caught on the camera with his wife Daena E. Title.

Jason Alexander and his wife share two children.
Photo Source: Toronto Star

Jason Alexander and his beloved wife were straight-forward in their ambitions to start a family as soon as they got married. And, that explains why the pair share two adorable sons named Gabriel and Noah. Unlike himself, his kids, who are adults now, prefer to live a life in a lowkey manner, no matter how tough it is. 

Jason Alexander And His Wife Both Featured In Seinfield

Jason Alexander in a brown coat poses a picture with wife Title.

Jason Alexander and his partner Daena E. Title are married for 39 years.
Photo Source: US Weekly

While everyone is aware of the legacy that Jason Alexander left in Seinfeld as bachelor character, George Constanza, not many of his fans acknowledge the interesting detail of how his wife Daena E. Title even appeared in the Seinfeld finale as an unnamed juror. 

The detail is quite fascinating considering how the celebrity wife isn't an actor by profession and is a popular mixed-media artist instead. In addition to that, she is also a social commentator and a prominent Instagram personality whose beliefs are parallel to a 'roaring feminist.' 

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Renowned actor Jason Alexander and his spouse currently reside at their lavishing mansion in Los Angeles, California. Getting into the history of their romantic affair, the pair first met at a casting agency where they did feel a thing for one another. 

Later, it was the Seinfeld star who made the first wife by taking her out for a date at a dinner at Cafe Centrale. Things went fast after that as they moved on together only three weeks after dating, and resulted in them tying the knot within six months.

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