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Who is Jeannette Reyes Married to? Detail About her Husband and Married Life

Published Sun Mar 20 2022 By sujan
Who is Jeannette Reyes Married to? Detail About her Husband and Married Life

Know who Jeannette Reyes is? And all the details regarding her husband and her married life, here.

Jeannette Reyes is a Philadelphia-based American reporter who works for 6ABC Action News. On August 15, Jeannette Reyes was born. Because there are no details regarding her birth year, it's impossible to say how old she is. Jeannette prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. Before joining 6ABC, she spent two years as a general assignment reporter at WJLA, an ABC station in Washington, D.C. She was covering Pope Francis' visit to the nation's capital at the time.

Jeannette also covered the 2015 Philadelphia Amtrak train disaster. She started her career at KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas, for many years. Reyes put forth a lot of effort to get to where she is now at 6 ABC News. Jeannette is a prominent reporter, working with Annie McCormick and Chris Sowers. When it came to Jeannette Reyes' life, hard effort triumphed over genius. Reyes, who presently works as a correspondent for ABC's 6 News, had a modest start in journalism. Her unwavering passion, will, and steadfast tenacity have gotten her to where she is now in her work.

The Rhode Island native has maintained an outstanding balance between her career and personal life. She retains her job while also keeping her marriage healthy and pleasant. She is a substantial believer in giving back to her community in addition to her career and love life. She is often seen taking part in humanitarian efforts to generate headlines and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

To Whom Jeannette Is Married?

Jeannette Reyes married her boyfriend at WJLA-TV, whom she met there. The adorable pair have been married for three years and is still totally over heels in love. Jeannette's income and net worth are all thanks to her hard work. She earns sufficient enough to allow her and her family to live comfortably. 

Jeannette Reyes and her spouse showing their unborn child's pic on Instagram

Image: Jeannette Reyes and her husband, Robert Burton
Source: Instagram @msnewslady

Robert Burton, Reyes' wonderful spouse, is her life partner. On August 20, 2016, the pair exchanged vows. According to ABC News 7, Jeannette Reyes, a Fox 5 Washington D.C. anchor, and her husband, Robert Burton, a news anchor, revealed on Instagram that they are expecting their first child. With several comic routines using their anchor voices in daily circumstances, the duo has endeared themselves to their fans.

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Reyes shocked Burton with the news, which the pair documented on Twitter. Reyes said that she had polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which has made it difficult for her to conceive. On the other hand, the couple explored different development methods and were eventually successful.

Jeannette Reyes Health Issues

This past summer, Jeannette Reyes, a journalist for Philadelphia's 6ABC Action News, participated in a dangerous experiment about pushing her body to its limits. Reyes told the terrifying account of how a great workout with another fitness teacher caused her arms to expand beyond anything she'd ever experienced before in a segment introduced by the station's wellness correspondent, Ali Gorman. Reyes was filling in as a caretaker one morning this summer when she noticed her arms were stretching over the length of the communication. 

Jeannette Reyes had some health issues

Image: Jeannette Reyes stepping out for work
Source: Instagram @msnewslady

"That morning, at 3:30 in the initial part of the day, before I noticed the morning emerge, the growth ceased at my elbow," Reyes said. "It made its way down, virtually entirely down my lower arm, before the performance ended, approximately two and a half hours later." The expansion was making its way down in this manner."

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Reyes was suffering from rhabdomyolysis, a dangerous disease in which an activity causes the breakdown of muscular fibers, leaking into the circulatory system. When left untreated, "rhabdo" may lead to renal failure as well as severe liver and cardiac problems.

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