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Jeff Cavaliere Net Worth — Check Out the Fitness Guru's Lifestyle

Published Thu Feb 20 2020 By Christina
Jeff Cavaliere Net Worth — Check Out the Fitness Guru's Lifestyle

If you're into a fitness lifestyle then, you must've heard of Jeff Cavaliere, a quite repeated name in this field. He is widely appreciated for his workout videos. 

Jeff is popularly known as a remarkable bodybuilder, physical therapist, social media influencer, and, most importantly, for his 9.24M subscribers on YouTube channel 'ATHLEAN-X™.' 

All this name and fame is sure to guarantee the greens rolling in. The workout mogul lives a comfortable life along with his family in Connecticut. Let's head straight to check out just how much his net worth really is. 

Early Life

Jeff was born on June 28, 1975 and raised in the beautiful city of the USA, Connecticut. Early on as a kid, the guy discovered his passion for fitness by idolizing professional wrestlers, bodybuilders. Mainly it was Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jeff idolized Arnold Schwarzenegger

Growing up, Jeff idolized Arnold Schwarzenegger to become a fitness trainer. 
Source: Bodybuilder in Thailand

High school was when the future bodybuilder first realized the gym as his passion. He started building muscle mass to improve his physique. After graduating from school, Cavaliere enrolled at the prestigious University of Connecticut and studied Physio Neurobiology. Not only that, he went on to complete a master's degree in Physical Therapy. 

Jeff Cavaliere's Career 

The conventional workout guru gained popularity as an independent trainer and head physical therapist back in 2009. The athlete quit his career at the baseball team 'New York Mets' to do what he loved. He trained baseball players and professionals before hitting the gym as a career. 

Jeff left his career in baseball for being a trainer

Cavaliere left his baseball career in 2009.
Source: Athleanx

Jeff, mainly gains his popularity from the social media world. He's amassed an enormous number of followers throughout the years. The trainer's got a smashing 1.9 million followers on Instagram, 9.24 million on Youtube. 

A Million Dollar Net Worth

By now, you must've guessed about the gist of YouTubers net worth by his popularity. A popular YouTuber, social media personality, and entrepreneur what more does a man need. 

Jeff has 1.6 billion views on YouTube

The YouTuber's got a total of 1.6 billion views on his YouTube channel.
Source: Twitter

On average, Cavaliere earns from $7.1K - $113.9K in an average per video on YouTube. He has accumulated over 1.6 billion views so far. However, his yearly earning sums up to $1M. 

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Jeff is the founder of ATHLEAN-X™. In total, the net worth Jeff's amassed is $5 million. There are other sources, like selling merchandise, in-app purchases, etc. 

Personal Life

Even though the fitness champ is the king of social sites, weirdly, he is very private. If you want to know the juicy details of the guy, well, you'll only hear that from the man himself. 

Jeff with his wife and twin sons

Jeff with his wife and adorable twin sons.
Source: Bio Gossip

Though we do know little about the body builder's personal life, Jeff shares his life with a beautiful wife and two twin boys.He did mention living with a huge family in one of his videos. All of them live together in Connecticut. Again, we don't know any details about them, not even their names. 

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