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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Won't Return For Supernatural’s Final Season

Published Wed Sep 04 2019 By Travis
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Won't Return For Supernatural’s Final Season

John Winchester was brought back for an emotional sendoff and it seems it was the final appearance for the character in the show!

Supernatural is, at its core, a sprawling family drama where two brothers are more or less trying to fill the void of their parents and the loneliness which set in after their mother died and their father for all intents and purposes left to find the killer. Dean never hated his father, he knew what was important and why he was gone, but Sam on the other hand never forgave his dad for leaving, but by the end of season 14 the brothers got the closure they needed after their father was pulled from his timeline to the brothers’ timeline.

It was one of the most highly promoted episode of season 14, Lebanon was also the 300th episode of the show and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was brought back to play the role of 'John Winchester' and we got one of the most emotional and beautiful scenes which could stand up there with all the other great moments from Supernatural.

Watch: John Winchester returns for the first time since season 2

The whole jumping-off point for the first season of Supernatural was the disappearance of John in the first episode of the series. Dean visits his brother at his college to let him know their dad went on a hunting trip, and he is not back for over four days. The whole first season got its start because of John Winchester going away and his sons searching for their father. Their relationship was never really a good father son’s relationship and in the premiere episode of the second season of the series John gives his life to save Dean.

Though the series brought back numerous dead characters over the years, Jeffrey Dean Morgan though never made his way back to the show since the end of the first episode of the second season. We saw a young John, but an older version of Sam and Dean’s father was missing from the series, and there always was this empty void of feeling where the relationship should’ve been.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Supernatural.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a recurring character in the first season of Supernatural.

Source: E! News

For over a decade the sons never got any amount of closure, and finally, in the 300th episode of the series through some weird magic John was back in the show for a single episode, and the whole thing was a heartwarming reunion of the entire Winchester family.

Supernatural is coming back for a final season, and we’ve got confirmation many of the former cast members of the show are coming back for the final season. Jeffrey also stated he would love to come back for the final season of the series, but it seems the producer and the writers of the show are not bringing back the actor for a final encore performance. Eugenie Ross-Leming was at the Television Critics Association press tour where he said the last season cameo is all we are getting from John and also said there are no plans to bring back the character for the final season.

Even though the John was brought back in the 13th episode of season 14, the repercussions of bringing him back were going to spring some nasty changes which resulted in the epic emotional final dinner where the Winchester kids and parents sat together for the first time in the show and ate without speaking a single word. Whatever the future holds, it was still a brilliant send off to the character and a way to give everyone a sense of closure and finally allow Mary and John a moment to embrace.

Would it be awesome to see John back in the fold and fighting alongside his sons in the final season of the series? Obviously, yes! Was the ending the series’ writers gave to the character, a fitting one? Yes, it was. It still hurts though we will not be able to see John Winchester back in the series again, it was a fun ride while it lasted.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan played John Winchester in the season two premiere of Supernatural the last time.

Source: Digital Spy

Supernatural will be returning for a final season on 10 October 2019 only on CW with Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Alexander Calvert coming back for one final time.