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Jensen Ackles of 'Supernatural' is Releasing His Debut Album

Published Tue Oct 22 2019 By Travis
Jensen Ackles of 'Supernatural' is Releasing His Debut Album

Jensel Ackles is releasing his debut album with his two man collective Radio Company.

Jensen Ackles is known for slaying monsters, sending demons to hell, and never letting anyone mess with his family. Another thing about Ackles, he likes to sing, Supernatural fans probably saw him over the years sing along to some of the finer rock tunes, and it seems not only in the show, but outside of it also, the 'Dean Winchester' actor is a music aficionado.

The actor is releasing his first album on 8 November 2019 with his bandmate Steve Carlson, who form the collective 'Radio Company.' The album’s named 'Radio Company Vol. 1' and the two partners were on the band’s Instagram promoting the album to the thousands of their fans.

'Radio Company' is followed by more than 50,000 people on Instagram, and the 560 comments on the album announcements were all positive encouragements for the two. The Instagram video is also the first time they announced the release date of the album with a little caveat of the people who pre-order the album, getting the first single ‘Sounds of Someday,’ in return as a sign of appreciation.

After stopping to play the guitar, Jensen said in the video, “Hey, everybody. 'Radio Company' here. Just wanted to take a second to thank you so much for all the support of the album. The entire album will be dropping on November 8th."

Jensen Ackles with a Radio Company T-Shirt on.
Jensen Ackles with a Radio Company T-Shirt on.

Source: Instagram

Then his partner in crime added, “Thank you guys so much. Until then, we're going to be working on Volume 2.” The former roommates in college who’ve played other for over 15 years are still friends, and soon, they will be releasing their first album with an assured tour in Texas, where both of them live.

Jensen Ackles is currently working on the final season of 'Supernatural.' The show’s been a fixture of The CW for over 14 years, and for the first time next year, TV season will start without a new season of Supernatural on the channel. Jensen plays Dean Winchester, the eldest Winchester family member and big brother to Sam Winchester, who moves around in America, looking for supernatural creatures and give them some rest before they do more damage.

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