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home Entertainment Reality star Jessica Wright is Expecting a Baby Boy with Husband William Lee-Kemp

Reality star Jessica Wright is Expecting a Baby Boy with Husband William Lee-Kemp

Published Mon Jan 17 2022 By Tashipalmo
Reality star Jessica Wright is Expecting a Baby Boy with Husband William Lee-Kemp

Jessica Wright and William Lee-Kemp revealed their baby's gender: Exclusive story here!  

Just two months after tying the knots with William Lee-Kemp, reality star Jessica Wright revealed she is pregnant. The Only Way Is Essex alum revealed the delightful news in November and recently shared in an interview that her baby is going to be a boy. The reality star says she thought she'd be gifted with a girl; hence her baby's gender was a surprise to her.  

In her exclusive interview with Hello, Wright says, "I can't wait for a little boy to call me "mummy." I don't know why but I always envisioned being a girl mum because I'm so girly so I was pretty shocked to hear it was a boy, but I couldn't be happier."Kemp, a businessman, also added to Jessica's statement.  

Jessica Wright is expecting her first baby with William Lee-Kemp.

 "I can't wait for my little boy to call me mummy," Wright says. Photo Source: Instagram

The soon-to-be father said, "It feels surreal. I was happy with either sex but the fact that I'm having a son as my first child. It doesn't really get any better," he adds, "I can't wait for weekends for father-son bonding and teaching him to hopefully be a well-mannered, lovely little boy."Since the sweet revelation, Wright has been documenting her pregnancy journey on Instagram.  

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Posting a picture of herself as she flaunts her baby bump, Wright captions, "I so can't wait to meet you, baby." She gives a shoutout to Pretty Little things maternity wear. The couple says they found about their pregnancy during their wedding celebration in Majorca in September. "It feels like a fairytale - we eventually got our wedding and believe it or not, I was unknowingly pregnant at the wedding," Wright said.   

 Wright and Kemp got married on September 9. 
Source: The News

Lee-Kemp and Wright tied the knots on September 9, 2021. The TOWIE star and her beau had their embryos last year. "I feel bad because I've tapped into this world of fertility struggles and early menopause, and all of a sudden, I've fallen pregnant. We feel so grateful and blessed," Wright said. 

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