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John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau, : Insights into Their Journey Together and Separation

Published Thu Jul 13 2023 By Bsgurung
John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau, : Insights into Their Journey Together and Separation

John Cena is a renowned American professional wrestler, actor, and television presenter. Born on April 23, 1977, in West Newbury, Massachusetts, Cena has achieved global fame and success in the world of wrestling. With a towering presence and remarkable athleticism, he became a 16-time world champion in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). 

Cena's charismatic personality and dedication to his craft have made him a beloved figure among wrestling fans worldwide. Beyond the wrestling ring, he has also ventured into acting, starring in blockbuster films such as "Trainwreck" and "Bumblebee." Known for his philanthropy and positive attitude, John Cena has become an icon in the entertainment industry.

Elizabeth Huberdeau is the First Wife of WWE Star, John Cena

Elizabeth Huberdeau gained public attention when she became linked to John Cena, the renowned WWE wrestler-turned-actor. While she didn't pursue a career in the entertainment industry like her husband, she found success in real estate as an agent, developer, and businesswoman.

John Cena first wife, Liz Cena
Image: John Cena with his ex-wife, Elizabeth Huberdeau. Source: Sports Libro

Often referred to as Liz Cena, she made headlines when she married John. However, their marriage faced difficulties, leading to their divorce after three years. The reasons behind their split were not initially clear, with John attributing their arguments during home remodeling as a contributing factor.

Only Three Years Long Marital Journey

John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau were high school sweethearts who shared a long history together, witnessing each other's growth and success. They exchanged vows in a private wedding ceremony in Boston, Massachusetts in 2009, surrounded by loved ones.

Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end in 2012, and it came as a surprise to Huberdeau when Cena filed for divorce. Initially, she believed it was due to infidelity. However, it later became apparent that Cena's dedication to his career in WWE played a significant role in their separation.

Cena openly admitted that his commitment to his wrestling career took precedence over his personal life. He considered his career as his primary focus and realized that it was difficult to balance his demanding schedule with married life.

What is the Main Reason For John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau's Divorce?

Despite initially providing a different reason for their divorce, it was later revealed that John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau's separation was not solely due to disputes over remodeling their home. Cena's claim about the arguments causing irreconcilable fights was not entirely honest.

The divorce settlement between the couple remained private, and they managed to keep their personal lives out of the media spotlight. They have since maintained an amicable relationship.

Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena divorce over house
Image: Elizabeth Huberdeau with her ex-husband, John Cena showing their engagement ring. Source: Bleach Report

Following their split, Huberdeau chose to live a private life, keeping her personal affairs away from public scrutiny. She has moved on and reportedly found love again after her divorce from Cena.

One factor that emerged as a speculated reason for their breakup was their differing opinions on starting a family. However, as Huberdeau and Cena did not have children together, the divorce process was likely less complicated for them.

Do They Have Any Kids From Their Marriage? 

During Elizabeth Huberdeau's relationship with John Cena, they did not have any children together. Despite Cena's involvement with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and his dedication to granting wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses. It was surprising that he expressed a preference for a small family of just himself and his wife. 

Nonetheless, Cena's philanthropic efforts outside of his personal life showcase his commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others. It is commendable to see a celebrity who prioritizes selflessness and goes out of their way to bring joy and support to those in need.

Get To Know John Cena's First Wife, Elizabeth Hurberdeau Life

Elizabeth Huberdeau, who was raised as an only child and enjoyed the love and financial support of her parents, embarked on a modeling career during her high school years. 

Despite achieving success in the modeling industry, she placed a strong emphasis on her education and worked as a part-time model while pursuing her studies at Springfield College. 

In addition to her modeling pursuits, Huberdeau also delved into the real estate industry, working as a real estate agent for a remarkable two decades. Her dedication to both her education and professional endeavors showcases her determination and drive for success in various fields.

John Cena's Other Relationships

Following his divorce from Elizabeth Huberdeau, John Cena entered into a relationship with fellow professional wrestler Nikki Bella. However, their relationship faced challenges from the beginning, with Bella signing a contract stipulating her immediate departure from Cena's home in the event of a breakup

John Cena and Nikki Bella break up
Image: John Cena with his ex-girlfriend, Nikki Bella. Source: People

Their tumultuous relationship lasted five years before Cena proposed to Bella on live television, only to call off their engagement weeks before their reported wedding. The split was attributed to their differing views on starting a family, as Cena did not want children while Bella desired to be a mother. 

Despite their breakup, other WWE couples, such as Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, have found success in their relationships and even tied the knot.

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