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American singer and actor John Travolta Went Under The Knife; Before and After Pictures

Published Sun Nov 17 2019 By Sea
American singer and actor John Travolta Went Under The Knife; Before and After Pictures

It's often a stereotypical subject when it comes to plastic surgery that only women do it. It is probably due to the numerous ridiculous things female celebrities have done to themselves to look a little younger or a little different. While some might be doing it for the right reasons, some just want attention.

Many cases break the thought of only women going through a procedure of plastic surgery. While some may sound as ridiculous as someone trying to look like 'Ken' or a 'Genderless Alien' (yeah, Vinny Ohh did that), some may just be a little plastic use on the side. Men do it, too, Michael Jackson being the most popular one to have done it. But did John Travolta have plastic surgery?

Twitter Went Amok and Some Saw Arnold Schwarzenegger on John Travolta

When people saw little raised eyebrows on the show, they couldn't help but speculate something like the going under-a-knife scenario. Of course, he looked more dashing every year, but was this time too much?

John Travolta looking serious on the show 'American' Crime Story'.
The forehead wrinkles seemed to have stretched. It may be just makeup.
Source: American Crime Story, FX Network

Among the male actors being told they looked like they had some kind of procedure, John Travolta came under scrutiny when fans saw his unusual facial features on the show 'American Crime Story' in 2016, a drama conversion of the People vs. O.J. Simpson documentary.

Fans took on to Twitter to voice their opinions. Of course, many were shocked at the apparent transformation, but some couldn't help playing little jokes on him. And those involve his character 'Robert Shapiro' (the real deal) on American Crime Story.

While some of the jokes were a little too hard on him, like being called a "melting wax," some could be taken as compliments. Fellow actors Nicholas Cage and Arnold Schwarzenegger were mentioned.

One of them suspected blepharoplasty in the last few years, while another sympathized with him. "'He had obvious periorbital muscles and some wrinkling, but the job has been performed well. He is starting to look a bit like Arnie Schwarzenegger, but 'melting waxwork' seems a bit harsh!"

Denies It All, But Plastic Surgeons Speculate Based on the Data

The actor had no comments regarding this issue for anyone. But he later denied all the claims made against him. But the 'Before and After Pictures' told a different story for the viewers.

Before and After photos of John Travolta with opposite colored suits with bowties. Both smiling in black&white..
People don't seem to be convinced that his transformation is natural.
Source: Various Sources

On one occasion, Closer Weekly had two legit/board-certified face plastic surgeons come in and exclusively give their insights into Travolta's possible facial alterations. Dr. Andrew Miller and Dr. Vartan Mardirossian broke down the possibilities of the supposed procedures he might have taken up.

"It doesn't look like he has had much [plastic surgery]. You can see that his eyelids are [now] heavier, which goes against eyelid surgery and you can see some banding in his neck which goes against a facelift or neck lift," Dr. Miller speculates.

Dr. Miller continued, 

"If anything, he may have had some Botox and fillers injected to help maintain a little more youthful appearance and keep some of the wrinkles and facial folds away. The face is a little thinner, which is what happens with age, and his eyebrows are darker — possibly dyed as needed for a role."

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Dr. Mardirossian agreed while further contemplating he might've done a hair transplant, Botox or fillers, and a neck lift, as the fans did.

No other reports have since come in, and the 'Grease' superstar denies it. Many also rank him in one of those 'Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong' lists. While it may be wrong for other people to invade a celebrity's privacy, some argue the ethics behind plastic surgery in today's world. 

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