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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Star Reveals Some Of His 'Very Cool' Scenes Was Deleted From The Film

Published Sun Sep 15 2019 By Travis
 John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Star Reveals Some Of His 'Very Cool' Scenes Was Deleted From The Film

Mark Dacascos reveals some "Very Cool" scenes were omitted from the final cut of the third John Wick movie.

Movie making is a precarious thing and especially action movies where the run time needs to be just right in order for the movie to get not tire audiences and make the point they want to make without the viewers losing patience. The thing is directors shoot way too many scenes for a movie, and they send it to the editor where many of the what was conceived to be important scenes are cut for the sake of the run time.

The same was the case with John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, where many of the important scenes were cut from the final movie to make the film more concise and coherent. Mark Dacascos was the actor who was hired to play the main villain of the film after only being hired to play a small role at first. He was bummed some of the important parts of the movie was left on the cutting floor and wanted to know if it was on the DVD or not.

Mark Dacascos showing his tattoo
Mark Dacascos said there were some pretty cool scenes left on the cutting room floor.

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The movie arrived on Blu-ray and all other digital format but the movie there were no deleted scenes in the DVD even though the discs were filled with new content. Dacascos, as he puts it, got many scenes in the movie and there were some of his favorite scenes which never made it to the final cut of the film and also weren’t released in digital format.

According to the actor who played ‘Zero,’ there was an awesome scene of the actor with the 'Adjudicator', and there was also some remarks made about the origins of Zero and his history, but those scenes never saw the light of day according to the remarks the actor made to Cheat Sheet.

Mark Dacascos in his character.
Mark Dacascos played the main villain Zero in the third John Wick movie.

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He said, “I did and some of it, a lot of it, didn’t make the final cut. I thought it was a very cool scene with The Adjudicator so I’m not sure if it’s on the DVD. Perhaps it is. There was a lot of history that hopefully, we’ll find out about in the next movie.”

The movie was going to add to the history of the actor, and they were all removed from the final film. Considering how the movie makes it their mission never to explain anything and letting the viewers figure out what is happening on the screen, it is in lieu with the franchise’s brand.

The Adjudicator and Zero in his sushi bar.
Zero and The Adjudicator were involved in more scenes which were cut.

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With every movie of John Wick, we are introduced to a new layer of the story, which was unintelligible to us, and this is why every film in the franchise did better than the last one. There was always something new to offer in terms of story and world-building but most of all, the partnership of Keanu Reeves and the director Chad Stahelski.

Dacascos was full of praise for the director, and he also said the director expanded his role from a couple of scenes in the movie to a full-blown villain who is also a fan of John Wick. It seems the villain died at the end as John Wick tells the man he won’t be back but considering the guy is a ninja, and he’s got many followers, it is not a far-fetched idea we might get to see him down the line in 'John Wick 4' which was already announced after the immense success of the third movie.

Watch: The fight scene between Zero and John Wick in the third movie

Though Dacascos was disappointed by the omission of his favorite scenes in the movie, he also said the scene where the actor is talking to John Wick inside 'The Continental' was his favorite part of playing the character of Zero.

When asked about his favorite scene, the actor said, “The couch scene because I am a huge Keanu Reeves fan, and Zero is a huge John Wick fan.” There is a reason why he loves the scene; the actor explained, “Sure. So, when I saw in the script that the dialogue was, you know, 'I'm a fan,' I just asked [director] Chad [Stahelski], and Keanu if they feel comfortable if I just pushed it over even more. Not just 'I'm a fan,' but 'I'm a fanboy,' and played that. And it was really fun. I think that was probably one of my most favorite scenes I've ever done.”

Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves

Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves worked together in The Matrix before joining forces again in John Wick.
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Though the actors few scenes were cut from the movie, he was still satisfied after working with a talented team who were to give their all and if you ask the actor if he would like to hook up with the crew to run it all back one more time, he would wholeheartedly do it.

The character of ‘Zero’ does seem to be dead, but we will not be mad if he comes back for one more outing in John Wick 4 which is currently scheduled for release on 21 May 2021.