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Born in Beirut, Lebanon on 2 September 1964, Keanu started his career in Hollywood starring in a Coca-Cola commercial. Since then the actor’s been in more than 60 movies and almost 35 years in Hollywood. Throughout his career, Keanu worked with some of the best directors and writers in the industry, and he was responsible for defining action movies for two separate decades, once after the turn of the century and then after 2014 when John Wick made every other shaky-cam, editor’s magic action movies moot. From an actor who was known for his surfer guy persona to now one of the most serious actors in the industry, it was a long journey and even thug he faced so many problems in his life, losing his child, his girlfriend, still, you won’t find a person with a better outlook of the world than Keanu. The love for Keanu reached a fever pitch in 2019 when Keanaissance took over the world, and Keanu was dubbed the “Internet’s Boyfriend.” With the much-awaited third Bill & Ted movie and the fourth Matrix movie as well as an almost inevitable collaboration with Marvel on the horizon, it looks like Keanaissance is not going to die any time soon.