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Matrix 4 - Young Morpheus Being Teased for the Fourth Installment of the Matrix Franchise

Published Fri Dec 27 2019 By Travis
Matrix 4 - Young Morpheus Being Teased for the Fourth Installment of the Matrix Franchise

Young Morpheus seems to be coming to the new Matrix movie, according to recent reports.

After years of asking and even clamoring for a while, Warner Bros. is finally going to dive into the 'Matrix' universe again. The last movie was released almost two decades ago, and since then, people wanted to know what became of the precarious peace between the humans and the machines.

The ending was almost complete as well as ambiguous in the way the final words were spoken and made it all seem like there are more stories to be explored in the unending world of 'Matrix.' So, it was a shame when the third 'Matrix' movie was not well received, and the studio pulled the plug on a possible continuation of the series.

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At the time, the story of 'Matrix' seemed stale and repetitive, with no groundbreaking achievement being made like the bullet time system in the first film. It all felt redundant and repetitive, which resulted in the general fans losing interest and Warner Bros. seeing the writing on the wall, the third movie was the last one to be successful.

Well, the world of Hollywood is in constant flux, one day, the tide is drying up, and the next day there is a flood. When it comes to 'The Matrix,' a perfect storm played its hand in the movie, getting a green light. Keanu Reeves saw the kind of resurgence no other actor before was able to muster up, and this resulted in the adoring fans flocking to every move the actor made.

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The year of 2019 was Keanu’s year, and he took Hollywood as well as the internet by storm. Keanu Reeves could do no wrong in 2019 with the actor achieving the highest-grossing movie of his career in 2019 and also walking the red carpet with a beautiful lady for the first time in almost 20 years.

Warner Bros. saw the chance of making some money off the stardom of Keanu and the massive IP of 'The Matrix,' which resulted in the studio greenlighting a fourth installment in The Matrix franchise. As of now there are already developments in the film with new people being cast and back staff being filled.

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We know Yahya Abdul-Mateen, who played the villain 'Black Manta' in 'Aquaman,' is joining the cast in an unspecified role. But some fans think the actor will portray the character of young Morpheus in the film which was rumored before but is not confirmed till now.

But according to a new report from a source, the actor seems to be playing the character of 'Young Morpheus.' According to a source close to the production of the film, Yahya is said to be playing the younger version of the character who was instrumental in freeing people from 'The Matrix.'

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Though the character did not die in the final movie, the actor playing 'Morpheus,' Laurence Fishburne, was missing from the announced cast list for the film. So, the speculation is the character will be making a return but with a new and younger actor at the helm.

This is all just rumors and speculation at this point, and the movie is set to begin production in 2020 when more information about the casting is revealed. 'The Matrix 4' is set for a 21 May 2021 release, the same day another highly anticipated Keanu Reeves movie, John Wick 4, is set for release.

Keanu Reeves is returning to play Neo in The Matrix 4.

Keanu Reeves is returning to play Neo in The Matrix 4.
Source: Vox

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