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Who is Johnny Utah? Doja Cat's new boyfriend is a Musical Artist

Published Sun Nov 17 2019 By Travis
Who is Johnny Utah? Doja Cat's new boyfriend is a Musical Artist

As you probably know by just looking at the name 'Johnny Utah,' it is not the artist’s real name. Like most musicians in the world, Johnny also chose a slick moniker to sing his songs and create content. But he made a nice decision in choosing the name of the nerd-god Keanu Reeves’ character on the movie 'Point Break.'

Johnny Utah was born Jacob Sullenger to his parents, and after finishing his initial education, the singer took went to nursing school. He wanted to work as a nurse, but the thing was the job was not meant for him. Johnny discovered music, and his love for making songs took over his feelings of wanting to be a nurse. He dropped out of college and started making music as a full-time job.

Johnny Utah is a singer who became popular in 2019 after his song Honeypie became a success.
Johnny Utah is a singer who became popular in 2019 after his song Honeypie became a success.

Source: Instagram

The nerdy, shy singer, is a indie lover, which is why he chose the music genre to make his career, and soon, he was writing and singing on funky guitar riffs and lo-fi beats. The music career was going fine for the singer when his internet persona also started to garner him a lot of notoriety. His internet persona was also the reason he and rapper Doja Cat hooked up, and the way they are with each other; it seems the whole thing is getting series between the young lovebirds.

Doja Cat and Johnny Utah’s Modern Hook Up

Doja Cat and Johnny Utah’s Modern Hook Up through YouTube and Instagram; Seen here eating together.

Doja Cat is a rapper from Los Angeles, born to South African father Dumisani Dlamini, who is a reputed actor and producer, whereas her American mother, Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer, paints. Doja started her musical career in 2013 with the song ‘So High,’ but she only found fame and prominence in 2019 when the music video of 'Mooo!' received praise, and the song 'Juicy' was a huge hit.

Johnny Utah started a little late in the music scene, but he also found fame in 2019 with his song 'Honeypie' and the comment section of the video was where the two hit it off with one another. Doja found Johnny on YouTube and watched the music video for his song 'Honeypie' and commented on the video, “baby, I love you.”

Watch: Johnny Utah and Doja Cat explain how they hooked up for the first time

Johnny replied to the comment and went over to his Instagram page to see if she followed him on the image sharing site, she did not. Then he decided he would put post notification on any new uploads on her Instagram page. After a couple of days, she posted a picture, and he was ready to win her over with a funny comment.

The singer told her about telling his nephew that they were a couple, and “don’t make me look like a liar.” The comment was liked over 1,000 times, and she saw the comment then replied how he knew she loved him. This was the way the two fell in love, not sliding into the DM’s, simply being funny on the comment section.

Living in West Philidelphia and Making Honeypie

Johnny was super expressive from the time he was a little kid. He spoke about asking a girl to go out with him by making a YouTube video for her and sending her the link while he was still in sixth or seventh grade. Johnny also spoke about the time he broke up with a girl by posting a status on Facebook.

The singer used his expressive tendencies on his songs and then his internet presence. He was living in West Philadelphia when, during a winter day, he came up with the hook for the song 'Honeypie.' After recording about 45 seconds of the song, he sent it to his friend, who made him finish the song.

Watch: Johnny Utah explains the meaning behind the song 'Honeypie'

When 'Honeypie' was released, people started to make TikTok videos on the song, which resulted in the song and the subsequent music video going viral. People also started to interpret the song as some kind of sex thing, which Johnny explained was not the case.

All he wanted to make was a sweet romantic song about keeping each other warm, sitting in front of the fire while snuggling with their girlfriend or boyfriend. Well, it seems the song was not only beneficial for his career, but it was also a game-changer when it comes to his romantic life.

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