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Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Provencial's Journey of Love and Success

Published Mon Jun 19 2023 By Bsgurung
Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Provencial's Journey of Love and Success

Jon Scheyer is a former professional basketball player and current basketball coach from the United States. Born on August 24, 1987, in Illinois, Scheyer gained prominence as a standout player during his collegiate career at Duke University. Known for his exceptional shooting and leadership skills, he played a crucial role in leading Duke to a national championship in 2010. 

After college, Scheyer pursued a professional career overseas before transitioning into coaching. He currently serves as the head coach of the Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team, where he continues to make an impact in the world of basketball.

Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Provencial Are High School Lovers

Marcelle Provencial's decision to relocate to Durham, North Carolina, set the stage for her fateful encounter with Jon Scheyer. As a nursing student and former basketball player, she crossed paths with Jon at Duke University. At the time, Jon was an assistant coach for the Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team, having recently returned from playing professional basketball in Spain.

Marcelle Provencia and Jon Scheyer are married
Image: Marcelle Provencia with her husband, Jon Scheyer during their wedding ceremony. Source: Twitter

The couple has maintained a private approach to their relationship, so specific details about their initial meeting remain undisclosed. However, in January 2014, Jon publicly acknowledged their romantic involvement by posting a picture of them together at a Duke game. Another confirmation of their relationship came in May 2014, as they attended a mutual friend's destination wedding as guests.

Despite their desire for privacy, Marcelle and Jon's connection and shared experiences have been glimpsed through these public moments.

Engagement and Wedding

After being in a relationship for over a year, the couple took their love to the next level and got engaged on August 9, 2015. They solidified their commitment to each other on May 6, 2017, with a wedding ceremony held in Chicago, Illinois. The event was a tasteful and intimate affair, attended by their close family members and friends. 

Despite their status as public figures, Marcelle and Jon opted for a low-key celebration without much fanfare or media attention. Their wedding day was filled with love and cherished moments shared among their loved ones, creating a memorable start to their married life together. 

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Married Life of Marcelle Provincial and Jon Scheyer

Marcelle Scheyer, formerly known as Marcelle Provincial, is happily married to Jon Scheyer and their relationship has stood the test of time, spanning over a decade. Their commitment to each other remains strong, and their family has grown to include five members.

Marcelle is known for her unwavering support for her husband's career. She has adapted to the demands of Jon's schedule, even when it meant him missing important family moments such as the birth of their daughter due to a game.

How Many Kids Do Jon Scheyer and Marcelle Provencial Have?

Marcelle Provencial, together with her husband Jon Scheyer, is the proud parent of three beautiful children. Their eldest child is their daughter, Noa Marie Scheyer, born on January 29, 2018, and is currently 5 years old. Following her, they welcomed their son Jett James Scheyer on August 24, 2019, who is now 3 years old.

Jon Scheyer has three kids
Image: Jon Scheyer with his wife and two kids attending the event. Source: Daily Herald

The youngest member of the family is their second son, James Russell Scheyer, born on May 18, 2022, and is currently 1 year old.

Marcelle and Jon make a conscious effort to shield their young children from the intense life that comes with Jon's career as the head coach of a college basketball team. While they occasionally visit their father during training sessions and games, the couple prioritizes providing their children with a more grounded and balanced upbringing, away from the overwhelming excitement and pressures of the basketball world.

Know About Jon Scheyer's Wife!

Marcelle Provencial has established a successful career as a practicing nurse in Durham, North Carolina. She specializes as a family nurse practitioner and has been dedicated to this role since 2016.

As a family nurse practitioner, Marcelle provides comprehensive healthcare services to individuals and families of all ages. Marcelle practices in Durham and is affiliated with Caldwell UNC Health Care, where she contributes her expertise and care to the community. 

Alongside her husband's income as a head coach, Marcelle and her family enjoy a comfortable life. Despite the public attention that comes with her husband's prominence, Marcelle prefers to maintain a private life and has a limited presence on social media platforms.

Know About Net Worth and Earnings

Marcelle Provencial is one of the successful nurses and has amassed a decent amount of fortune. As of 2023, her net worth is around $500,000. She has collected all of her fortunes through her incredible career.  This advanced practice nursing role allows her to earn a higher income, with an estimated salary range between $107,570 and $125,930

Jon Scheyer is a successful coach
Image: Jon Scheyer with his jersey attending the event. Source: News Obsever

On the other hand, her husband is a coach and former successful NBA player. Jon Scheyer is enjoying a net worth of $10 Million as of 2023. Scheyer, as the 20th head coach of the Duke Blue Devils basketball team, earns an impressive salary of $5 million per year. 

Prior to assuming the role of head coach for the 2022-23 season, he gained extensive experience working on the Duke bench. Scheyer has been a part of Coach Krzyzewski's staff since the 2013-14 season, contributing to the team's success and growth during his tenure.

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