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Will Jumanji: The Next Level Reach the Heights of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle?

Published Mon Dec 16 2019 By Travis
Will Jumanji: The Next Level Reach the Heights of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle?

Jumanji: The Next Level is doing solid business at the box office and the movie will most probably surpass the amazing numbers posted by the first film.

There is one thing Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart proved, they are a great pair working together in a movie, and they are also major box office draw. Dwayne is a huge star, and Kevin is someone who is on equal footing with the actor, and when the two combine on-screen, they are comedic geniuses.

Even better are the interviews they do together promoting their movies; they are entertaining, hilarious, and a lot of fun. So, whenever those two actors appear in a film together, it is something of an event. Just take this; for example, those two actors together got an original spy thriller made, and the film brought in four times the movie's budget of $50 million.

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If you have not noticed, there aren’t a whole lot of original movies being released nowadays, and those released are too low a budget to really count as a major release. Kevin and Dwayne combined not only to bring an original story, but also managed to make the movie a critical and commercial success.

This is the reason why Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are box office gold together. But grossing $200 million at the box office is one thing, then 'Jumanji' rolled into town and almost crossed the billion-dollar mark, and no one saw it coming. The movie was already getting negative attention for rebooting a well-liked Robin Williams film, but the movie itself was a revelation.

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Most of the insiders reporting on the movie were baffled by the reception and the staying power of the flick, and they praised the reception to the amazing cast of the film. 'Jumanji' was a critical success and went head to head with 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi,' and by the end of its run, the movie went home with $962 million in total box office collection.

Now, two years later, Sony is dipping back in the same pond again, and it seems to have worked wonders. 'Jumanji: The Next Level' grossed more than $60 million in the first weekend, dethroning the sixth billion-dollar grossing Disney movie of this year from the fourth straight weekend title.

Jumanji: The Next Level is setting the December box office on fire.

Jumanji: The Next Level is setting the December box office on fire.
Source: IMDb

The movie was released a week early in international territories, and by now, the film’s grossed more than $212 million from the world over. The critical reception is a slight comedown from the first movie, and the audience reaction is also not as enthusiastic as the first movie’s. So, now we are left with the thought of whether the second flick will be able to get over the billion-dollar hump.

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The opening was almost twice the amount of 'Jumanji,' and we see the film doing better in almost all the territories, but the $404 million domestic gross of the first movie may be a bridge too far, but we see the film doing far better in China, once it is released there, than the first movie. So, all signs point to a billion-dollar grossing 'Jumanji' sequel, which is amazing for Sony.

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So, be ready for 'Jumanji 4' in about two years’ time because the saga seems to be going well with the audiences, and there is an appetite for more 'Jumanji.' The second movie 'Jumanji: The Next Level,' is currently in theatres.

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