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Kane Brown's Drummer Kenny Dixon Dies Following Car Crash

Published Mon Oct 14 2019 By Chester
Kane Brown's Drummer Kenny Dixon Dies Following Car Crash

Sad news to Kane Brown fans, beloved drummer Kenny Dixon passed at the age of 27.

Unfortunately, on Saturday, October 12, Kenny Brown passed away in a car accident.

Various fans, family members, and friends of the late Brown have expressed their sorrow and condolence for the late artist.

late drummer Kenny Dixon posing while playing drum.

Late drummer Kane Brown dies at the young age of 'Twenty Seven'.

Taking to USA TODAY on Sunday, the band shared,

“It is with profound sadness and disbelief that we confirm we lost our drummer Kenny this weekend in a tragic car accident. "Kenny was a member of our family from the very beginning and our hearts are with his (fiancée) Sarah, his son, and everyone who knew and loved him. He was truly one of the greatest and kindest people on and off stage we’ve ever known.”

On behalf of his beloved bandmate, Brown posted his own tribute on Sunday, taking to Instagram along with a caption writing "will never be replaced."

Frontman Kane writes mesmerizing caption in behalf of his late pal Kenny.
SOURCE: Kane Brown Instagram

Kane expressed his sympathy writing, 'Love you so much dude!!! You started all of this with me from the start in 2015 when no body else believed we would make it out of Chattanooga playing for 500 people and your last show was in a Fn Stadium my guy 🔥 I know u will be watching over us with that red neck accent that we all love and you will never be replaced bro!!! I promise u that!!'

Kenny's fiancee Sarah Hendrick who shares a 3-year-old son Levi with the later drummer also mourned for the loss of his beloved partner writing on Instagram,

I'm at a loss of words. I don't even know how to write this or ever thought I would have to. Kenny passed away last night in a car accident. I know I have to be strong for Levi and God is gonna pull us through this. We have a forever guardian angel watching above us now. Please keep Levi, my family, and Kenny's family in your prayers.

We are saddened to hear for the loss of such great musician and our heartful condolence to one of the soulful artists, but even he left all of us, his immortality will always be there through the blissful music he blessed us with.

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