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Karla Knafel's Net Worth And Wealth Sources - The Complete Breakdown

Published Sun Mar 14 2021 By Bran
Karla Knafel's Net Worth And Wealth Sources - The Complete Breakdown

How much is Karla Knafel's net worth in big 2021? Let's know it all here.

Karla Knafel will always be a popular figure, mainly due to the fact that she was associated with the big name of Michael Jordan. Well, the reason for their affiliation might not be a favorable one as the diva actually sued the six-time NBA champion and legend back in 2003.

Once you are related to a big persona figure like Michael Jordan, then there is no doubt that your fame grows in an exponential ratio as well. It's been eighteen years since Karla Knafel filed a lawsuit against the former Chicago Bulls star revolving around their extramarital affair. That chapter of his life is still one of the things that MJ would want to forget from his resounding professional life.

Karla Knafel's Net Worth In Six-Digits

Karla Knafel caught on the camera during a court hearing.

Karla Knafel shared a few years of sexual relationship with Michael Jordan in the late 1990s.
Photo Source: Rich Athletes

Karla Knafel will always have her name around when it comes to the discussions on the personal and dramatic life of Michael Jordan. The woman actually had the audacity to sue the NBA legend with a suit that she was promised a lucrative sum of $5 million to be silent of her extra-marital affair with the multiple-time NBA winner.

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If things went just as Karla Knafel wished for, and that is had she won the lawsuit, the diva would have earned a whopping sum of $5 million and beyond. Unfortunate for her and justice for Jordan happened as she didn't win her suit, which reduced her potential earnings to a lot down.

Michael Jordan caught on the camera crying.

Michael Jordan's ex Karla Knafel owns a net worth of $100,000.
Photo Source: The Undefeated

Getting into the specifics, Karla Knafel owns a whopping net worth of $100,000 as of March 2021. With such a six-figured bank balance, the woman that Jordan shared an affair with affords to live a luxurious life. Beyond that controversial and widely gossiped relationship with the basketball icon, very little is known about Karla Knafel and what she does for a living.

Karla Knafel's History With Michael Jordan

As we told earlier, the relationship that Michael Jordan shared with Karla Knafel was certainly one that he would want to forget in his resounding life. The history between the two dates back to 1989, when the pair shared a sexual relationship, as broken by USA Today

Karla Knafel in a brown hair poses for a picture.

Karla Knafel lost her lawsuit against NBA legend Michael Jordan.
Photo Source: Pinterest

This dramatic affair was a mystery for a long time until Karla Knafel went on to sue Jordan in 2003. Her motive was to earn the $5 million that Jordan promised to pay to her to keep their affair silent. Although the promise for secret failed with that lawsuit, the NBA sensation didn't have to pay a penny after the case since DNA tests proved that Knafel's child wasn't the one she gave birth to Michael. 

However, back in their early days of the affair, reports are suggesting how Jordan paid a big fat check of $250,000 to Karla Knafel.

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