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Katherine Langford Finally Talks About Her Deleted Scene in Avengers: Endgame

Published Thu Nov 28 2019 By Travis
Katherine Langford Finally Talks About Her Deleted Scene in Avengers: Endgame

Katherine Langford finally talks about her involvement in the highest grossing movie of all time, Avengers: Endgame!

In the final moments of 'Avengers: Endgame,' there were a lot of scenes filmed by the directors of the movie, but when the time came to trim down the film to a manageable length, some of the scenes from the final moments of the movie were removed. This is not something new to the movie world as most movies leave half the film at the cutting room table.

But considering the hype behind 'Avengers: Endgame' and how much the people wanted to see the movie, we would’ve all sat an extra hour to see all the deleted footage from the film. Well, a four-hour-long film would just defeat the entire purpose of releasing it in large theatres because then Disney would not have been able to sell a lot of tickets for the movie.

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As much as the film is about years of a story coming to an end in a final movie for the fans, the movie is a business for Disney, and they need to sell tickets and to sell tickets for more shows, the film needs to be shorter in length. So, some of the scenes which we would’ve loved to see in the final movie were gone, and one of the scenes removed from the final theatrical cut of the film featured the ‘13 Reason Why’ actress Katherine Langford.

Well, we all love Katherine Langford, and in the movie, the actress was said to be playing the adult version of 'Morgan Stark,' Tony’s daughter. In the same way, 'Thanos' met the smaller version of his adult daughter in the soul stone; Tony was supposed to meet the adult version of his small daughter inside the stone after he snapped his fingers in the final battle.

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After 'Tony' snaps his fingers wearing the Infinity Gauntlet with all the Infinity Stones, he was supposed to go inside the soul stone where he would meet 'Morgan,' and she tells him she grew up fine, and he did what he was supposed to do. The moment would’ve been heartbreaking, beautiful, and touching, but it would’ve also taken away from the grief of everyone on the battlefield and would’ve brought the ending of the whole battle to a screeching halt.

So, the directors decided it was the right decision to cut the scene from the movie, and we never got to see the actress in the role. Well, we didn’t, up until Marvel decided to release the scene in the extended 'Avengers: Endgame' cut, which surfaced on Disney+.

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Since the scene is out in the open, Katherine Langford finally got her chance to reveal what it was like to be with Robert Downey Jr. as he filmed one of his final scenes as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the beloved MCU. “I'm such a huge fan of the Marvel films and the Russo brothers . . . I was just content with having the memory in my head,” the actress said during her appearance on Jimmy Fallon show.

The “magical” moment was when she got the chance to film with Robert, “To play with Robert Downey on the last scene he was Iron Man, on the last day that he was Iron Man, that was just amazing.” She also revealed the fans were the reason the clip saw the light of day, “That's what I was told, that it's out because people wanted to see it. Which is just really cool,” she explained to Jimmy.

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Tony and his adult daughter talking would’ve brought some confusion among the average theatre-goer, and it was the right decision to remove the scene. But it is also a right decision to include is back in the movie so the die-hard fans can enjoy the film for the umpteenth time.

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